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Peso Pluma wins big at the Grammys

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Peso Pluma wins Grammy, award, singer, music
Peso Pluma wins a Grammy (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Peso Pluma wins a Grammy and thrills fans.
  • It’s a major milestone in his career.
  • He won for Best Regional Mexican Album.

On Sunday Peso Pluma reached another milestone in his career when he won his first Grammy for Best Regional Mexican Album.

This exceptional achievement not only cements his position in the music scene but also sparked an outpouring of celebrations and congratulations on social media.

At the highly anticipated Grammy Awards, Peso Pluma triumphed over notable artists such as Ana Bárbara, Lila Downs, Flor de Toloache and Lupita Infante in the fierce competition.

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PHOTO MundoNow

Peso Pluma’s Grammy win not only represents well-deserved recognition of his undeniable talent, but also places him in the spotlight as a leading figure in the regional Mexican genre.

The exciting news of the Peso Pluma’s award for the album Genésis circulated on social media.

It provoked an outpouring of congratulations and messages of support from both his devoted fans and colleagues in the music industry.

The news of his win resonated across the musical spectrum, highlighting the exceptional nature of his achievement in such a competitive category.

Peso Pluma’s Grammy win

Featherweight, Grammy, Best Album, Regional Mexican, MundoNow
PHOTO: Getty Images

The artist’s girlfriend, talented Argentine rapper Nicki Nicole, did not hold back when expressing her happiness and pride at Peso Pluma’s success.

Nicki Nicole shared an emotional message on social media: «Congratulations my love, the first of many.»

«I LOVE YOU. @pesopluma happy to see you happy,» she added, according to En el Radar.

The couple enjoyed their celebration, showing their deep connection and mutual support.

The haters didn’t hold back

artist, victory, recognition, music, MundoNow

PHOTO: Getty Images

In the midst of the celebration, there was no shortage of criticism and negative comments about Peso Pluma’s Grammy win.

Some expressed their disdain with comments like: «If Peso Pluma was the best of Mexican music, I imagine that its industry is in decline.»

«Hopefully next year Mexico can bring us talents like Luis Miguel, José José or Julieta Venegas, to mention some music icons,» another person tweeted.

These opinions reflect the diversity of tastes and opinions in the music industry, where some prefer more established and traditional artists.

Some attack the Grammys

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PHOTO: Getty Images

These negative comments highlight the perception by some that the Grammys have lost their prestige and quality over time.

Comments such as, «A long time ago, the Grammys stopped being quality awards, now anyone wins them,» reflect this criticism.

The controversy intensifies with statements such as, «This is how decadent today’s tastes are.»

This perspective suggests that some don’t like the direction contemporary music has taken, as some prefer older artists.

Music is always evolving

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PHOTO Getty Images

It is important to note this criticism of the Grammy Awards also highlights that music and the public’s tastes are always evolving.

This Grammy victory not only symbolizes well-deserved recognition for Peso Pluma, but also propels his career to new heights.

The artist, with his innovation and originality in the regional Mexican genre, has proven himself to be an indisputable force, marking an outstanding chapter in his musical career.

With high expectations and unmatched brilliance, Peso Pluma is preparing for a future full of successes and significant contributions to the international music scene.

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