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Mexico is trying to increase timely diagnosis of trans people with HIV

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México: Buscan aumentar diagnóstico oportuno en personas trans con VIH
Trans people with HIV in Mexico (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Mexico is raising awareness about HIV.
  • Concerns mount in the trans community.
  • The government is trying to reach vulnerable citizens.

Mexico has launched a digital campaign to enhance timely HIV diagnosis and bolster awareness among transgender individuals.

Vivimos Valientes (We Live Brave) is an initiative propelled by the México Vivo Foundation in conjunction with pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences México.

The campaign’s mission encompasses combating discrimination, promoting early diagnosis and mitigating mortality rates.

Its particular focus is on the transgender community, one of the most marginalized due to limited access to quality healthcare.

Positive impact through the Vivimos Valientes campaign

Mexico: The campaign seeks to generate a positive impact

At its core, the campaign intends to raise awareness among transgender individuals.

Diana Feliz Oliva, Public Affairs Leader for Mexico and Latin America at Gilead Sciences Mexico, explains.

«Our objective is to reinforce the practice of early diagnosis,» stated Feliz Oliva.

She continued, «Additionally, in the event of a positive diagnosis, the aim is to ensure linkage to healthcare facilities for commencement of treatment.»

Addressing discrimination in the LGBT community

Discrimination of the LGBT Community

Despite making strides, myths, discrimination and misinformation persist about the LGBT community in Mexico.

This was underscored by Rodrigo Moheno, General Director of Fundación México Vivo, during an interview with EFE.

Moheno explained that these issues people from asking for HIV tests at medical facilities.

Many Mexican citizens avoid getting tested because they fear discrimination.

HIV/AIDS in Mexico

HIV/AIDS in Mexico

A comprehensive EFE report that included an exclusive interview with Rodrigo Moheno shed light on alarming statistics.

Moheno revealed the updated HIV/AIDS rates in Mexico.

The Director of México Vivo Foundation emphasized that over the last year, Mexico recorded 14,000 new HIV cases.

Among these, a staggering 8,000 were identified during the AIDS stage.

Many patients are unaware of their status

Many patients are unaware of their status

A study conducted by Fundación México Vivo highlighted that numerous Mexicans are unaware of their HIV status.

Many don’t have access to HIV testing.

The analysis indicated that 30% of those living with HIV in Mexico remain unaware of their condition.

Among those with a confirmed diagnosis, only 60% undergo antiretroviral treatment. Within this subset, a mere 50% achieve virus suppression.

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