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Maribel Guardia shares an alarming message one month after the death of her son Julián Figueroa (PHOTOS)

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Maribel Guardia apareció Julián: La graduación fue emotiva
  • Maribel Guardia is in pain.
  • One month has passed since the death of her son Julián Figueroa.
  • The actress and singer shares an alarming message.

Maribel Guardia returned to the stage in the play Lagunilla Mi Barrio but that does not mean that the pain over her son Julián Figueroa, who died exactly one month ago, has dissipated. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, because she has shared an Instagram post that alarmed her friends, family and followers.

The Costa Rica native «can no longer bear» the sadness and pain that she has been carrying since her son Julián Figueroa’s tragic heart attack.

Maribel Guardia is in pain

Maribel Guardia could not stand

Maribel Guardia decided to honor Julián Figueroa’s memory with a heartfelt post a month after he died of a sudden heart attack. Although weeks ago she thanked God and spoke out forcefully for her grandson and daughter-in-law, now the things are weighing much more heavily on Joan Sebastian’s ex.

Maribel Guardia decided to come clean and share with her thousands of friends and followers that she is devastated by the loss of her son Julián and that she is not doing well. This alarmed her fans because grief can affect one’s health.

Julián Figueroa died a month ago and his mother shares a sad message

Julian Figueroa death

Maribel shared an Instagram post with a photo of Julián Figueroa at the door to heaven as if he were an angel with wings. She spoke about the pain she’s going through.

“A month without you, trying to survive. Thank you for giving me the honor of being your mother, of enjoying the treasure of your heart, I am learning to breathe again and I am going to do it because I know that you are better than me. Sometimes I have the illusion that I am going to find you in the hammock in the garden reading a book and seeing your favorite tree, or that I find you in the living room singing and playing the guitar,” Maribel began.

«Everything reminds me of you»

Message from Maribel Guardia

The singer and actress did not hold anything back: “Everything reminds me of you, especially when I look into the eyes of your beloved José Julián and see in them a little piece of your soul. Your light illuminates my days, cool daddy. Work helps me not to think too much, but sometimes I cry in the midst of the love that so many people have given me,” she continued.

She promised that she would give anything in the world for her family, for her grandson, for the love of her fans and for her profession, but she did admit that it was quite difficult for her: “One day at a time. From this earthly plane, I love you more than ever and I raise prayers, blessings and sighs to heaven,” the post ended.

People support Maribel

Julián Figueroa turned one month dead

Immediately the comments section was filled with support and affection for Maribel Guardia: «Big hug dear Maribel.» «Ami! I read you and I feel you and in fact I couldn’t finish reading your message because crying prevented me, it took more than I imagined Ami! But I also know that from that plane, he sends us his light, through the greatness of his soul! I HUG YOU WITH MY HEART!!» «My soul hurts just reading your words.» «I admire you a lot, you’re going to get ahead, I wish I could take away all that pain, I know it’s impossible.»

More people joined in: «A hug to your heart.» «My beloved Maribel! I love you very much and your heart is so big and kind and strong that I know you will find light in the dark because you have so many people who love you very much and we are here to give you a hand, a shoulder, ears, whatever you need to keep moving forward for this complicated stretch that life put you.” “What a beautiful woman on the outside and inside my prayers for you the Blessed Virgin comfort your soul and heart she is a mother like you and her son was ahead of her.”

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