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After her son Julián Figueroa’s death Maribel Guardia has a heartbreaking message about her grandson (VIDEO)

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  • Almost a month after her son’s death, Maribel Guardia speaks.
  • Julián Figueroa’s mother had a heartfelt message for her grandson.
  • What happens to Julián Figueroa’s little boy?

Maribel Guardia’s strength in the wake of the terrible and unexpected death of her son Julián Figueroa on April 9 has been impressive. She has returned to the stage and is more animated and moving forward with her projects — above all, she’s fighting to create beautiful moments for her little grandson.

A month after Julián Figueroa’s death, Joan Sebastian’s ex shared a video on her Instagram account with a surprising message about her grandson. Imelda Garza and other relatives of the Costa Rican actress and singer appear in the video.

Maribel Guardia shares an impactful video

Maribel Guardia leaves a heartbreaking message
Instagram: Maribel Guardia

Just over a month since her son died of a heart attack, Maribel Guardia shared a devastating message saying she trusts God and thanks him for the strength and everything he has given her.

Nobody expected this confession from Julián Figueroa’s mother. It would have been his birthday this week and Maribel Guardia decided to honor him and share something that few people knew: her grandson shared a birthday with his late father.

Maribel Guardia’s surprising message to her grandson

Julián Figueroa's son has his birthday on the same day as him

Maribel Guardia shared the celebration she had for her grandson whose birthday is the same day as Julián Figueroa’s. In the video, the little boy and his mother Imelda look very happy while they share unforgettable moments with the actress’s family. Maribel’s older sister, who is battling cancer, was even there.

Maribel’s words about celebrating a birthday and feeling a loss on the same day were devastating: “God is so good that he sent me two angels on the same day, one is already in heaven, your dad, but you are here on earth and I have a lot to do for you, a lot to fight for, many reasons to be happy. WE LOVE YOU WITH ALL OUR SOUL,” she wrote to her grandson.

People send their support as she mourns Julián Figueroa’s death

Maribel Guardia party for her grandson

Maribel Guardia’s words immediately sparked messages of support: «How the baby was born the same day as Julian! Just as your son gave you strength to fight and get ahead, now he is your beautiful grandson who motivates you to continue and with a smile. What an admirable being you are. Happy birthday to Bebe,” said the singer and actress Lorena Herrera.

Artists like Violeta Isfel and Luz Elena González wrote: “How beautiful, CONGRATULATIONS! I love you so much Maribel, greetings and hugs for you and your beautiful family.” “The same day as Julián! Beautiful baby that you have with you, may God bless you and continue to give my beautiful strength to keep going!!!”

Maribel Guardia’s heartbreaking birthday message for her son

Julián Figueroa's son has a birthday party

One day before sharing the message for her grandson, Maribel Guardia had also dedicated a post to her son Julián Figueroa: “#happybirthday@julian_f.f Beloved son, on this May 2 you will be 28 years old. I miss you with a torn soul. Maybe I’m selfish because you’re in a better place, close to God, but my heart still doesn’t understand ethereal planes. I am left with so many unforgettable memories.”

She ended by sending a lot of light: «Although there are times when I can’t breathe and my legs shake, I remember that I was lucky to be your mother for as long as God wanted, I remember that I had the privilege of knowing your soul full of light, your sharp intelligence, your dark sense of humor, your talent and your music. You left us your flesh and your blood in that beautiful grandson in which I can look at your eyes. I will get ahead beloved son, do not worry about me, your light will accompany me until God decides to meet again. In the meantime, we will celebrate and honor your life here.»

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