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Karely Ruiz says goodbye to Andrés García and people criticize her (PHOTOS)

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Doctor Andrés García
  • Karely Ruiz says goodbye to Andrés García.
  • She is harshly criticized.
  • Karely gets angry and speaks out after seeing the uproar.

Karely Ruiz says goodbye to Andrés García. Mexican influencer Karely Ruiz got involved in a new controversy after joining the list of celebrities who have said goodbye to the greatest soap opera heartthrob in Mexico. Andrés García had a fleeting story involving the beautiful model.

The beloved actor passed away on April 4 after battling cirrhosis and other diseases that were triggered by the addiction problems the actor faced. Although many celebrities have said goodbye to Garcia, no one thought that the influencer with the most followers on OnlyFans would do it.

Karely Ruíz says goodbye to actor Andrés García

PHOTO: Instagram

The 24-year-old, who is recognized for being one of the most followed women on OnlyFans, joined the list of celebrities who have said goodbye to Andres Garcia after his death. However, although her intentions were good, the influencer never imagined that her words would not be well received.

Karely Ruiz shared a photo she had taken with the late actor and remembered their meeting: “Grateful to have coincided with you in this life Andrés García. Fly high, you were and will be one of the greatest in Mexico RIP.”

Karely Ruiz is harshly criticized

PHOTO: Instagram

She shared the post on Instagram and Facebook, however, people did not react well at all. In fact, she received hundreds of negative comments and some even told her that she owes her fame to Andres Garcia.

«You became known for him.» «Dude you’re famous because of him.» «He tasted your honey before leaving.» «Your luck to have met a man as handsome and attractive as Andrés was,» among thousands of other comments. However, Karely did not remain silent and responded to the attacks.

Karely blows up and asks for respect

PHOTO: Instagram

After seeing that her post was flooded with negative comments and ridicule, Ruiz blew up and and asked everyone for respect: «It’s not possible that people don’t have any respect, go leave your bad comments somewhere else FOR REAAAL WE’RE SICK.”

On the other hand, she admitted that she knew that he helped her become known: “I know that many people knew me through him, that is why in the text I wrote that I’m grateful to have coincided with him. I see that people are blind.»

How did the meeting between the Mexican influencer and Andrés García come to be?

Karely Ruiz says goodbye to Andrés García
YouTube / Andres Garcia TV

According to Marca, in April 2022 the actor shared a photograph where Karely Ruiz was sitting on his lap. At that time the influencer already had a good number of followers, however after this, her fame exploded.

The photo surprised many as they thought she was Andrés García’s lover, however days later the actor revealed the truth in a video on his YouTube channel where he’s seen spending some time with Karely Ruiz and so far it has more than 800,000 views.

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