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Jenni Rivera’s estate sues Don Pedro Rivera’s company for ‘improper exploitation’ of her recordings

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Jenni Rivera's lawsuit (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Jenni Rivera’s estate file lawsuit against Cintas Acuario.
  • Cintas Acuario is Don Pedro Rivera’s company.
  • They’re fighting over rights to her music.

The controversy over the legacy of the renowned singer Jenni Rivera reignites after Jenni Rivera’s estate filed a lawsuit in California against Cintas Acuario.

Cintas Acuario is an independent label located on the west coast and it’s owned by the late artist’s father, Don Pedro Rivera.

The lawsuit was filed by Jacqie Rivera, who is currently in charge of Jenni Rivera’s estate.

This legal motion, filed on Wednesday, September 20, also includes Ayana Musical, another music company Don Pedro owns.

Why is Jacqie Rivera suing Don Pedro Rivera?

Jacqie, lawsuit, Cintas Acuario, Pedro Rivera, music
Photo: Mezcalent
Reportedly, the 39-page lawsuit alleges that the problems began after Jenni Rivera’s death in 2012.

It says that the Mexican music star’s father, along with the aforementioned companies, have exploited Jenni’s recordings and musical compositions that were written throughout her life.

In addition, they are accused of having «exploited Jenni’s name, image and likeness to the tune of tens of millions of dollars.»

In a statement, the Jenni Rivera Estate said it is “grateful for fans’ support and understanding during this challenging period,” but will refrain from making further statements.

The Jenni Rivera Estate files a lawsuit

Jacqie, lawsuit, Cintas Acuario, Jenni Rivera, music
Photo: Mezcalent

In the civil suit, it is noted that the plaintiffs have «repeatedly» urged the companies to comply with their demands.

It says that they have failed to «act in accordance to the terms of agreements entered into by Jenni during the early part of her career» and that they must cease their claims of ownership and control over the rights to Jenni’s music.

According to the lawsuit, these requests were rejected by the companies, leading Jenni Rivera’s estate to file the lawsuit.

It is seeking to hold them liable for the alleged illegal acts, as well as the return of the money collected and retained from the plaintiffs.

Jenni Rivera’s children are in charge of her estate

Jacqie, lawsuit, Cintas Acuario, Jenni Rivera, Pedro Rivera
Photo: Mezcalent

Despite being owned by Don Pedro Rivera, the lawsuit states that it is Jenni’s siblings, Rosie Rivera and Juan Rivera, who are in charge of the company’s daily operations.

Rosie Rivera, who previously served as head of Jenni Rivera’s estate, and Juan Rivera are mentioned in the context of these allegations.

This raises questions about the administration and exploitation of Jenni Rivera’s music rights and image after her death.

It also highlights the importance of guaranteeing respect for the will and agreements established by the artists in life.

Jenni’s estate wants prior agreements to be honored

Complaint, music, singer, children, MundoNOW
Photo: Mezcalent

Jenni’s fans and others in the industry will undoubtedly be paying attention to the developments in this case, which will shed light on crucial aspects of the world of music and artists’ rights.

“This matter perfectly illustrates the significant and lasting impact that money, power and greed can have on a family,” the lawsuit says.

It is worth remembering that singer Jenni Rivera signed her first record deal with Cintas Acuario in 1993 when she began her career.

According to the lawsuit, the three-year agreement provided Cintas with “several» rights to the sound recordings, according to Billboard.

The lawsuit also mentions royalties and merchandise

Exploitation, music, complaint, artist, MundoNOW
Photo: Mezcalent

The lawsuit also alleges that Jenni Rivera «granted the rights to manufacture and distribute merchandise related to the promotion and sale of her music.»

«In exchange, Cintas was ‘obliged’ to provide Jenni with account statements and make quarterly royalty payments,» the document reads.

According to the complaint, “the obligation to account for and pay royalties owed to Jenni in connection with the 1993 agreement was never waived or otherwise terminated.”

«Therefore, the previous obligations subsisted in favor of the plaintiffs. As successors in interest to Jenni, following her death in December 2012.” Chamonic 3 shared the complaint on Instagram.

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