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Germán de Alameños de la Sierra’s wife reveals that he cheated on her with her sister

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Esposa de Germán de Alameños de la Sierra, revela que le fue infiel con su hermana
  • Germán Misquez’s wife Vianey exposed him on social media.
  • She says that he cheated on her with her own sister.
  • He’s criticized online.

Germán Misquez, who is a member of Los Alameños de la Sierra, is involved in a controversy because his wife, Vianey López, recently exposed him on social media, saying that the singer cheated on her with a member of her family.

Vianey posted what what happened between the singer and her sister, Daniela López. She shared a photo which may be clear proof that he was unfaithful on what looks like a vacation.

Germán de Alameños de la Sierra’s wife says he cheated on her with her sister

Wife of Germán de Alameños de la Sierra, exposes that he was unfaithful to her
PHOTO: Instagram

Germán Misquez’s wife, Vianey López, posted the shocking news about her husband on Facebook.

Germán’s wife wrote a long statement saying that her sister, Daniela López, was involved with her husband. Vianey branded them unfaithful on social media.

Germán de los Alameños’ wife says he cheated

The statement where the wife of Germán de los Alameños stated that he was unfaithful
PHOTO: Facebook

Vianey wrote in the statement that she had never felt so betrayed, adding that betrayals always come from the least expected place and spoke about the photo that she says proves it.

«It is well said that betrayals come from those who we least imagine, this most normal photo, my sister, my partner and I on a trip because I took her everywhere. I gave her everything she asked of me. Well, she got involved with my husband and what can I think about it, it’s inexplicable because I would never have imagined something like this,» the statement begins.

Vianey is upset with her sister

Vianey is disappointed in her sister
PHOTO: Instagram

Germán’s wife attached a photo of Daniela with the text «La Panini» and a disgusted emoji. She make her anger clear.

«And it’s not so much pain because of the partner, but because of my sister, my BLOOD, it never even crossed my mind and it happened to me, something I would never have believed. In short, I lost a partner and a sister who I loved and gave it all for her, Germán de Alameños de la Sierra, congratulations on your great achievement,»Vianey posted on Facebook.

The singer is criticized for his infidelity

Tunden the singer for his infidelity
PHOTO: Instagram

The singer’s followers commented on Germán Misquez’s most recent post and they didn’t hesitate to call him out on the cheating accusations. At the moment he has not responded.

«Don’t you know about being faithful and loyal?» «Your mother is disappointed because you destroyed your daughter for life. How shameless, and with her own aunt.” “Shame on his mother to have a child like that,” are just some of the comments.

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