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After years of dating Irina Baeva, Gabriel Soto announces their breakup

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  • The actors are having a difficult time.
  • Did the Russian beauty get her karma?
  • What caused Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto’s breakup?

The relationship between actors Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto had become a media sensation because, for a few weeks, it has been rumored that the two have broken up. Now it seems that the soap opera heartthrob has confirmed the breakup.

In an interview, Gabriel Soto made a revelation that sparked rumors about his breakup with the Russian actress. However, a few weeks ago he had denied what was said about their wedding, which has been postponed more than once.

Happy to end another year

happy to end another year
PHOTO: Instagram

In an interview with People en Español, Gabriel Soto described how life is going for him now that he is starring in a new telenovela called Mi camino es amarte, where he shares the screen with fantastic Mexican actress Susana González and Colombian Sara Corrales.

In this conversation, he commented on something that left much to the imagination, because he did not even remember his relationship with the woman who is supposedly still his partner. Has Irina Baeva already moved on from Gabriel Soto?

Making telenovelas consumes your life

"Making soap operas changes life"
PHOTO: Instagram

«Making telenovelas means having no other life than the telenovela, obviously your life changes,» said the Mexican, who does everything possible to be spend time with his daughters, Elisa Marie and Alexa Miranda, who he shares with Geraldine Bazán.

“They spend a week with me and one with their mother. I have help from my nanny and I also bring them to the forum when their school activities allow it,” he explains. «It’s not that I don’t see them, I see them when I get home even if they’re asleep.» FILED UNDER: Gabriel Soto Announces Breakup

Has he already forgotten Irina?

Gabriel Soto announces breakup: Have you already forgotten Irina?
PHOTO: Instagram

In the interview, the Mexican actor reflected on what stage of life he is in and how the year will end. He did not mention Irina Baeva in his answer. “I am in the best moment personally and in my professional life. I end 2022 full of blessings, with health, work, with love, with the love of my daughters,” he told the magazine.

That has surprised everyone, because he was expected to thank his beloved girlfriend. They have been together since 2018 after the actor divorced the Mexican actress. Has their love run its course? FILED UNDER: Gabriel Soto Announces Breakup

Is there a third party involved?

Gabriel Soto announces rupture: Is there a third in discord?
PHOTO: Instagram

Fans of Mexican soap operas have a good eye for figuring what’s going on with their stars, just as it was said that Irina became Gabriel’s lover when he was still married. Now there is talk about the actor having a new mistress.

Sarah Corrales, a love interest of Soto’s character in Mi Camino es Amarte could be the third party putting relationship between the Russian actress and the Mexican actor in limbo. Will there be a wedding? Everything seems to point to the fact that they are already history. With information from People en EspañolUnivision. FILED UNDER: Gabriel Soto announces breakup

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