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Eva Luna Meléndez was stabbed to death by her boyfriend in Mexico

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Hispanic, stabbing, death, homicide- Eva Luna Meléndez, hispana, puñaladas, muerte, homicidio
Eva Luna Meléndez (PHOTOS: Carlos Moreno)
  • Eva Luna Meléndez was tragically killed in Mexico.
  • Her boyfriend stabbed her to death.
  • What happened?

Eva Luna Meléndez Chávez went on an adventure with the love of her life and it tragically ended in a laundry room in Mexico.

She was fatally stabbed 40 times.

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«I want justice. Catch the responsible… Oscar Pérez killed her, this was a femicide, all the evidence is there,» said the young woman’s mother, Eva Coromoto Chávez.

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Eva Luna Meléndez was brutally murdered

Eva Luna Meléndez, Hispanic, stabbing, death, homicide
PHOTOS: Carlos Moreno

Her mother is fighting to repatriate the remains of her only daughter to Venezuela .

Eva Luna, only 18 years old, was studying at the National Polytechnic University of the Armed Forces (Unefa) in Venezuela.

She decided to leave everything behind and run away to the United States with her boyfriend’s brother, Jorge Luis Pérez Fernández.

This was apparently organized and financed by her boyfriend, explained her maternal aunt, Dennis Chávez.

Eva Luna Meléndez ran away from home

victim, Hispanic, death, murder, homicidal
PHOTOS: Carlos Moreno

Less than a month after Eva Luna’s brutal murder, her aunt and mother talked to MundoNow about her final adventure.

The couple had a history of violence in their three-year relationship, according to Chávez.

They met in El Empedra’o, Lara, but for safety reasons, they decided to move to Caracas after Óscar Alexis violently attacked Eva Luna.

«The family intervened in the relationship because he had pulled her hair and hit her,» explains Dennis.

Her boyfriend stabbed her 40 times

Eva Luna Meléndez, Hispanic, stabbing, death, homicide
PHOTOS: Carlos Moreno

One day Eva Luna Meléndez left for school and never returned home.

«At 7:00 in the evening, they called us to say that she was in Colombia and was heading to the United States because Óscar Alexis was in the United States,» her aunt said.

«He had sent her money to go meet him,» she continued.

Fearing the worst, the Chávez family began trying to track down Eva Luna. Through a TikTok video, they discovered that she was traveling with her boyfriend’s brother to Mexico.

Eva Luna’s mother demands justice

stabbed, murder, Óscar Alexis Pérez, mexico
PHOTOS: Carlos Moreno

Dennis Chávez says that Óscar Alexis’s brother began informing her of all her niece’s movements and he began to threaten her.

«Óscar Alexis contacted my sister to tell her that Eva Luna had to pay him the $5,000 he had invested to take her away,» she says.

Dennis added that it was «because his brother had informed him that she was misbehaving.»

According to her aunt, Eva Luna had been threatened by her boyfriend while she was waiting for her appointment to be approved to cross into the United States.

Her family talks about what happened

stabbed, murder, Óscar Alexis Pérez, mexico
PHOTOS: Carlos Moreno

On March 20, 2024, Eva Luna Meléndez was attacked in the laundry room in the residential complex where she was staying.

«We know it was him because the residents heard when she said, ‘No, Óscar. Don’t do this,'» her aunt said.

She says that Eva Luna’s boyfriend had traveled from Justin, Texas, to Mexico four days after his brother left her to her fate.

«Alexis enters the residence, evades the man at the door, corners her in the laundry room, takes out a blade from his mouth and stabs her more than 40 times… stabbing her relentlessly,» Chávez recounts.

Eva Luna died in the hospital

Eva Luna Meléndez, Hispanic, stabbing, death, homicide
PHOTO: Getty Images via MundoNOW Archive

According to the family, Eva Luna survived the attack and was taken to the hospital where she died.

MundoNow obtained documents from the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Femicide in Mexico, detailing that the case remains under investigation as a femicide.

According to document 400HL4000/302/2024 there are no suspects yet, but they request that the authorities process the repatriation of her body to Venezuela.

Meanwhile, the Interpol Office in Venezuela requested information about the case, pointing to Óscar Alexis Pérez as her alleged killer.

Where is Óscar Alexis Pérez?

police, sirens, crime, news, united states
PHOTO Shutterstock

There has been no statement from the main suspect or his family yet.

Meanwhile, Eva Luna’s relatives continue to ask the authorities to search for him and issue a Red Notice for him to be arrested in Mexico or the United States.

«We don’t want this femicide to go unpunished, we want it to become public, we want justice to be served. They cannot go free and they can do the same to another woman,» says Dennis Chávez.

Eva Luna’s mother is consumed by grief for her daughter.

‘The greatest pain a mother can endure’

police, siren, crime, news
PHOTO Shutterstock

«This is the greatest pain a mother can endure (…) I never thought my daughter would be killed,» Eva Luna’s mother lamented.

Eva Coromoto Chávez’s suffering is made worse knowing that her daughter’s body remains in a morgue in Mexico.

«I ask the Venezuelan embassy in Mexico to help us expedite all the permits quickly.»

«I ask my heavenly father to bring my daughter’s body to me,» Eva Chávez pleaded.

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