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Daughter of Nostradamus reveals there will be more earthquakes in February

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  • The Daughter of Nostradamus shares a surprising video.
  • Peruvian psychic Antonella Pilar reveals that there will be more earthquakes in February.
  • When and where will they occur?

Last week a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck southeastern Turkey and northern Syria, leaving nearly 20,000 people dead and tens of thousands of injured. Just when it was thought that the worst was over, the Daughter of Nostradamus reveals that there will be more earthquakes this month.

On her official YouTube channel, where she has more than 262,000 subscribers, Peruvian psychic Antonella Pilar shared this surprising video that, for obvious reasons, caused all kinds of reactions among those who were shocked by the terrible images of destruction.

Daughter of Nostradamus says that February will be the month of earthquakes

Daughter of Nostradamus says that February will be the month of earthquakes?
YouTube photo

After greeting her thousands of fans, the Daughter of Nostradamus stated that «the black penumbra» is coming: «This cards tell me that fires are coming, be very careful with volcanoes, eruptions are going to be unleashed in Peru , Chile, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Europe, Mexico and here a new one is discovered.”

Antonella Pilar also said that a volcano will awaken in the US and that people will be in danger. On the other hand, she said that there will be tsunami alerts for Peru, Chile and Ecuador, and these disasters will claim thousands of lives, according to the Death card: «Be very careful of category 5 or even 6 hurricanes.»

«A biblical earthquake is coming»

"A biblical earthquake is coming"says the Daughter of Nostradamus
YouTube photo

Next, the Daughter of Nostradamus said that a biblical earthquake will come this month, but that would not be all: “These cards confirm it, since they speak to me of movements. My spiritual guide tells me that there will be seismic movements this month, as well as in the month three (March) and in the month of May, as well as in the month eight (August) and an earthquake in month nine (September).”

Antonella Pilar’s spiritual guide also revealed to her that before the end of 2023 there will be a very powerful earthquake, so she recommends being very careful in Guatemala, Lima, Peru; Los Angeles California; Asia, Indonesia, Japan, China, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and El Salvador.

A warning for Mexico

And in Mexico?
YouTube photo

About to finish with this revealing video, the Peruvian psychic shared that she visualizes considerable and strong earthquakes in Mexico — mainly in Chiapas, Guerrero, Oaxaca, Michoacán, Jalisco, Baja California, Puebla and Veracruz. She also says there will be a strong earthquake in Mexico City.

The Daughter of Nostradamus said that a part of her native country «is opening up» more and more, like Chile, and that they will remain in the water: «There is a part of California that is going to detach and it is going to remain as an island, what is going to happen is quite powerful,” she commented.

Daughter of Nostradamus sees «conflicts with the climate»

Daughter of Nostradamus visualizes 'conflicts with the weather'
YouTube photo

Lastly, in a new series of cards, the Daughter of Nostradamus commented that she sees «a lot of water» as well as «conflicts with the climate».“A country is sinking and it is time for us to become aware and save the planet. The letters tell me that a 9.9-degree earthquake is coming,» concluded Peruvian psychic Antonella Pilar in her video on YouTube.

«To continue praying for everything and everyone in the world.» «Thank you for putting us on notice and may God enlighten the whole world.» «May God protect and bless my Guatemala and other countries.» «God, my heavenly father, have mercy of us and the whole world.” “May God protect us and protect us.” “The Earth is angry, it has been a long time with the human being, I think it would be a bit cynical to victimize us,”some commented. (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE)

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