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Who were the 6 Hispanic workers who died in the Baltimore bridge collapse?

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Hispanic workers killed in the Baltimore bridge collapse (Photo: The Associated Press)
  • Who was killed in the Baltimore bridge collapse?
  • 6 Hispanic workers are missing.
  • Rescuers have given up hope.

Six construction workers died in the Baltimore bridge collapse early Tuesday morning.

This happened after a cargo ship lost control and collided with the bridge.

The incident occurred when the ship, called Dali and flying the Singapore flag, suffered a power outage and crashed into a pillar of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, which collapsed in a matter of seconds.

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There were 8 workers on the bridge

Eight employees of the construction company Brawner Builders, who were filling potholes on the bridge, fell into the dark waters of the Patapsco River after the Baltimore bridge collapse.

Only two could be rescued, one of them is in serious condition, according to EFE.

Singaporean company Synergy Group, which operates the ship, confirmed that none of the vessel’s 22 crew members were injured.

Before the collision, the cargo ship’s crew issued an emergency warning, allowing authorities to cut off vehicle traffic to the bridge and preventing a major tragedy.

Who were the Hispanic workers that were killed?

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

Maynor Suazo, from Honduras, and two Guatemalan men, age 26 and 35, were among the six workers who are presumed dead.

Suazo’s brother confirmed to NBC News that the family was informed about his disappearance early on Tuesday.

“The hope we have is to be able to see the body. We want to see him, find him, know whether he is dead because we don’t know anything.»

The Guatemalan Foreign Ministry reported in a press release that two men, originally from San Luis (Petén) and Camotán (Chiquimula) were missing after the accident.

Concern over the missing workers

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The bridge, is named after poet Francis Scott Key, author of the National Anthem, was 2.6 miles long and about 35,000 vehicles passed over it every day.

Honduran Foreign Minister Enrique Reina was consulting with the embassy in the U.S. and the local consulate after the accident to determine what happened.

Meanwhile, in Maryland, Transportation Secretary Paul Wiedefeld reported on efforts to rescue the missing workers.

The authorities have established a meeting point for their families, who are mainly Latin Americans.

The investigation is ongoing

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The Mexican Consulate in Washington, DC is working to support Mexicans who may have been affected by the accident.

The investigation into the what happened with the cargo ship,, focuses on evaluating the structural damage to the bridge.

Maryland Governor Wes Moore assures that it will be rebuilt in honor of the victims.

Currently, the port is paralyzed, allowing only the loading and unloading of trucks, with the area blocked to traffic and the press, according to EFE.

Mexican Ambassador posts video after Baltimore bridge collapse

The Mexican ambassador to the United States, Esteban Moctezuma Barragán, shared a message after the tragedy and also made vital information available to Mexicans.

«Our thoughts are with the people of #Baltimore and with the Government of Maryland, after the tragic collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge,» he wrote on X.

«Our solidarity for all those affected by this devastating accident,» added Moctezuma in the message where he also made an emergency telephone number available.

Mexicans who need assistance could call 202-997-0560 and the #CIAM telephone number is 520-623-7874.

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