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Francesc Picas, co-founder and former member of Loco Mía, dies at 53

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Death of Francesc Picas (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Death of Francesc Picas confirmed
  • His friend Monziar mourns loss
  • Musical and artistic legacy endures

In a sad twist of fate, the death of the renowned singer Francesc Picas, a founding member of the iconic Spanish group Loco Mía, has been confirmed.

He passed away at the age of 53. This news has shocked the music industry.

The news, announced by his close friend and musical collaborator Adrián Monziar, has shocked the music industry.

In a heartfelt message, Monziar not only confirmed the news but also bid farewell with poignant words, expressing deep sorrow over the loss.

Farewell to a Musical Icon

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PHOTO: Instagram

Adrián Monziar took to Instagram to share the heartbreaking news, posting touching photos of himself with Francesc Picas.

‘The sadness is overwhelming as I bid farewell to not just a friend but an artist who has profoundly influenced my life,’ Monziar wrote in his tribute.

Monziar, a fellow artist and close friend, spoke of the deep bond they shared, a friendship that spanned many years and now has sparked an outpouring of responses from fans and the music community alike.

In his message, Monziar fondly recounted the moments he shared with Picas and the invaluable lessons he learned from the immensely talented singer.

The Legacy of a Unique Friendship

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PHOTO from Shutterstock

The cause of Francesc Picas’ death has not yet been disclosed, leaving fans in a state of mourning, filled with unanswered questions.

‘I will never forget your generosity, elegance, and artistry, your advice on music, our in-depth conversations, and the incredible stories from Loco Mía,’ Monziar reminisced.

‘We formed an extraordinary team, creating wonderful artistic, musical, and audiovisual projects at La Xarxa,’ he reflected.

‘But above all else, it was our deep love and passion for art and beauty that bonded us so strongly,’ the artist conveyed in his poignant message.

Francesc Picas Dies: An Emotional Goodbye

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Francesc Picas dies / PHOTO: Instagram

The artist concluded, ‘I will forever treasure all these memories and honor them wherever I go,’ Monziar wrote on his Instagram account.

Meanwhile, a fan club also shared the tragic news, revealing that Francesc Picas had apparently passed away on November 18.

«They informed us that our poet departed this earth on November 18 to join the celestial beings waiting for him. Coming to terms with your departure is still hard for me.»

«God has you in His embrace. You once told me that hugs know no distance. I send you an infinite hug to heaven,» reads the heartfelt post

Tributes and Pain on the Social Media

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PHOTO Shutterstock

According to reports from ‘Excelsior,’ Francesc Picas left Loco Mía in 1992, stepping away from the spotlight to explore other interests beyond the realm of spectacle and fame.

His enduring passion for the arts, however, led him to turn to poetry and pursue studies in Psychology.

This while still maintaining a connection to music through collaborations with other artists.

The passing of Francesc Picas leaves a void in the music scene, but his legacy will continue to resonate through the indelible impact he made with Loco Mía.

The Road After Loco Mía

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

Fans who had been anxiously awaiting confirmation of the artist’s death, rumors of which had started circulating a few days ago, are now devastated.

The outpouring of reactions followed the official confirmation of the news today. On social media platform ‘X,’ a fan shared their disbelief:

‘It’s been confirmed by the media now, though there were already many rumors and some friends and fan clubs seemed to confirm it since yesterday.’

‘I still can’t believe it… Rest in peace,’ wrote user Rafael Alonso on ‘X’. (SEE A SERIES OF PHOTOS HERE).

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