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3 artists awarded at the Hispanic Heritage Awards

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Ángel Manuel Soto, Premios de la Herencia Hispana, Washigton, LatinBest, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Getty Images, Hispanic Heritage Awards
  • They celebrate the diversity of the Hispanic community with the Hispanic Heritage Awards.
  • Ángel Manuel Soto was one of the winners.
  • Omar Apollo was another honoree.

Washington dressed up once again to welcome luminaries from the Hispanic and migrant communities in the US during the celebration of the Hispanic Heritage Awards.

This prestigious event, now an annual tradition, highlights the outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations to the multicultural fabric of the nation.

At the 36th edition of the Annual Hispanic Heritage Awards, dozens of Latino artists gathered to celebrate the diversity of the Hispanic community.

Actors, musicians, and entertainment industry personalities converged on the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts to honor an identity that continues to grow in the United States.»

A platform to honor Hispanics

Hispanic Heritage Foundation, poster, advertising, LatinBest, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Hispanic Heritage Foundation

The Hispanic Heritage Awards have evolved into a platform that highlights and honors those who have made a significant impact in various sectors of American society.

Actors, musicians, businesspeople, activists, and community leaders gather in this celebration that underscores the influence of Hispanic heritage on the culture and daily life of the United States.

Every year, the Annual Hispanic Heritage Awards recognize distinguished individuals and organizations.

These honorees have showcased excellence in areas such as the arts, music, business, social justice, and politics.

Various categories are awarded

Omar Apollo, Café Tacvba, César Conde, Siete Family Foods, Wisin
PHOTO: Hispanic Heritage Foundation

The awards span various categories, including the Outstanding Achievement in the Arts Award, the Community Leadership Award, and the Hispanic Entrepreneurship Award.

In addition to other recognitions that highlight the diversity of talent and commitment within the Hispanic community.

One of the highlights of the awards is their ability to inspire young generations.

Through the presentation of the “Inspira” award, the event recognizes those artists and leaders who serve as role models for Latino youth in the United States.

Inspiration for others to pursue their dreams

Café Tacvba, Alejandra Guzmán, Leslie Grace, Omar Apollo, Tito Puente
PHOTO: Hispanic Heritage Foundation

These honorees recount their journeys of success and progress, motivating others to chase their dreams regardless of the challenges ahead.

However, the awards aren’t merely a celebration of individual accomplishments. They also underscore the significance of unity and collective support within the Hispanic community.

In a world where diversity stands as a strength, this ceremony fosters collaboration and acknowledges the rich cultural contributions Hispanics make to American society.

Every edition emphasizes the dedication of individuals and organizations in championing diversity, inclusion, and excellence. Here are 3 artists recognized this year.

1. Ángel Manuel Soto

Ángel Manuel Soto, Blue Bettle, Hispanic Heritage Awards, honoree, MundoNOW
Ángel Manuel Soto, at the Hispanic Heritage Awards/PHOTO: Getty Images

For Ángel Manuel Soto, director of the film ‘Blue Beetle’—the first DC Films feature with a Latino superhero—controlling their own narratives is paramount for Hispanics.

«It was time for us to be the heroes of our own stories, not the villains in theirs,» the Puerto Rican director shared with the EFE agency on the red carpet before the gala commenced.

For Soto, community and family form the heart of Hispanic identity: «Without our families, there’s no Latinidad, there’s no community.»

That sentiment of seeing oneself in another is one of the values that Omar Apollo, this year’s Grammy nominee for Best New Artist, emphasizes among Hispanics.

2. Omar ApolloWisin, Urban Latin Music, Hispanic Heritage Vision Award, LatinBest, MundoNOW

PHOTO: Hispanic Heritage Foundation

«It signifies community, family, and looking out for one another. Especially in an industry not dominated by Latinos, we need to ensure we’re all doing well,” the singer told EFE.

Apollo was among those celebrated at this year’s event with the «Inspira» award, bestowed upon artists who serve as role models for Latino youth in the US.

The artist, of Mexican descent, openly acknowledged his sexual identity as a member of the LGBTQ community during a speech at the ceremony.

«Growing up, I constantly felt there was no viable path in the arts for someone like me. My sole intention with my art is to inspire and uplift others,» he emphasized.

3. Leslie Grace

Leslie Grace, Hispanic Heritage Awards, honoree, LatinBest, MundoNOW
Leslie Grace, at the Hispanic Heritage Awards/PHOTO: Getty Images

Resilience—the capacity to persevere and push forward despite challenges—is what Leslie Grace, an actress and singer of Dominican descent, identifies within Latinos in the US.

«It’s about recalling our roots, our strength, persistence, and resilience. Every step I take reminds me of the love and sacrifice of my family,” expressed Grace.

The Dominican singer portrayed the character of Nina Rosario in the film adaptation of the musical «In The Heights.»

The awards are orchestrated by the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and were initiated by the White House in 1988 to mark the inception of Hispanic Heritage Month.»

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