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What are the benefits of eating the placenta after giving birth?

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  • In 2018, a third of pregnant women reported having eaten their placenta.
  • It is believed to provide numerous benefits after childbirth.
  • Find out the benefits of eating your placenta!

A 2018 study found that at least one third of the participating women reported having eaten their own placenta, either right after birth or days later. They believed it would positively affect their physical and mental health.

Some women consume their placenta right after childbirth, while others go to specialized facilities where the placenta is processed to turn it into pills that retain all its properties. Find out about four benefits of eating the placenta!

4. Lower risk of anemia

Girl with doctor as placenta concept

According to statistics, the prevalence of anemia during the 48 hours after labor is 50%, a fact that prompts some women to eat iron-rich food and take supplements to stay healthy and be able to provide their children with the necessary nutrients during lactation.

Although science has yet to confirm the effects of eating the placenta in increasing blood iron levels, various groups that have advocated this practice claim to have noticed big changes in their overall health.

3. Increased energy thanks to the placenta

Pregnant woman as placenta idea

A study of pregnant American women found that more than 60% of them experienced extreme fatigue in the hours and days after labor. The physical and mental effort involved in giving birth represents an expenditure of energy that could negatively affect the lives of women, especially those who do not have outside help to carry out their daily activities.

Eating the placenta is believed to benefit energy performance after delivery and also makes it easier to fall asleep, giving you a better opportunity to rest and recharge during the night.

2. Eating the placenta improves your immune system


It is a fact that childbirth affects the body in different ways. One is that hormone levels take a long time to rebalance, especially if the mother chooses to breastfeed exclusively. This causes the immune system to be somewhat weaker during pregnancy and after delivery.

One benefit of eating placenta is potentially strengthening your immune system since this could provide you with the necessary nutrients to restore hormone levels more quickly.

1. Lower risk of physical pain and postpartum depression


The most recent statistics indicate that the risk of suffering from postpartum depression is between 6.5% and 20%. This usually appears during the first six weeks after childbirth, so eating the placenta is suggested as a natural option to prevent it.

Groups that advocate for eating the placenta say that this is a great way reduce the physical pain that occurs after childbirth. While the benefits of eating the placenta still need to be studied, many people swear by it.

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