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La Huella OVNI: Alien Series Recommendations

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  • La Huella OVNI 23 Summary
  • Jorge Luis Sucksdorf provides a list of alien tv shows and movies.
  • Information brought to you by writer Carlos Clemente.

First, he talks about alien documentaries. He recommends some he has made himself, like «Contacto Extraterrestre» and «Latinoamérica Historias Perdidas.»

They focus on investigations and strange events that have occurred in Latin America.

He also mentions a documentary by Jaime Maussan about some very unusual mummies, and a series named «No Identificado» by Luis Elizondo, where people share their encounters with UFOs.

Next, he suggests a couple of movies we can watch.

Alien Movies

Alien starships over a city

He recommends «Poltergeist,» a fun movie about aliens, and renowned films like «Close Encounters of the Third Kind» and «E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial.»

He also talks about «District 9», an alien movie set in South Africa, and «Life», which portrays what life might be like on other planets.

If you’re into stories based on real events, check out «Fire in the Sky», based on a true story from Area 51.

Regarding alien series, the writer suggests watching «X-Files», which deals with UFO mysteries and conspiracies.

Alien Tv Shows

UFO crashed on Earth

He also gives us a glimpse of «Project Blue Book», about a famous scientist who investigated UFOs.

If you’re a fan of classic alien tv shows, consider watching «Falling Skies», «Taken», «ALF», and «Mork & Mindy».

Beyond series, the writer had a chat with Carlos Clemente, a Mexican UFO expert.

Carlos shares how he started investigating these mysteries as a young boy.

Tips for Spotting UFOs

UFO light in the sky

He offers tips, such as scanning the sky daily and learning to spot anomalies.

He recounts times he saw UFOs and his adventure in a place where he witnessed strange lights and beings from other planets.

Clemente shares his personal experiences and how he got involved in UFO sightings research. He describes how his interest began young, the formation of a group called «Los Vigilantes del Cielo», and his eagerness to record and study sky phenomena.

UFO Sightings in Mexico’s Sky

Close-up of UFO

They mention several areas in Mexico where UFO sightings have been reported.

Examples include the volcanic region, archaeological sites, the border with the US, and the La Rumorosa area in Tijuana.

They discuss the abundance of sightings in certain areas and the openness of Latin Americans to this topic compared to other parts of the world.

A podcast filled with alien series, sightings, and UFO experiences – we hope you enjoy it!


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