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Adamari López reveals that she won’t spend Christmas with her daughter Alaïa

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Adamari López Navidad Alaïa
  • Adamari López reveals that this will be the first Christmas without her daughter.
  • Alaïa will spend the holiday with Toni Costa.
  • «I’m a little heartbroken.»

In May 2021, the news broke that beautiful host Adamari López was separating from her fiancé, Spanish dancer Toni Costa, after almost 10 years. Both stars went in different directions and have moved on with their lives.

However, the current relationship between the beloved boricua and her ex-fiance is very good since they have something in common. That is their little daughter Alaïa, for whom both celebrities are still regularly in touch and have a good friendship.

Adamari López reveals that she will spend Christmas without Alaïa

Adamari López reveals that she will spend Christmas without Alaïa

Since the announcement of her breakup, Adamari López has been better than ever, sporting an enviable figure at 51. Currently, she is one of the most beautiful presenters in the United States and she has managed to captivate her fans on social media with sexy photos.

Now, the former Puerto Rican actress reveals how she will celebrate Christmas. Adamari says that it will be the first time that her daughter will not be with her on this very special day. Could it be that the Spanish dancer, Toni Costa, is going to be with her for Christmas?

«I’m a little heartbroken»

Adamari López Christmas Alaïa: "I'm a little heartbroken"

The host of Telemundo’s, Hoy Día, spoke to People en Español and said that it will be her first Christmas without Alaïa: «Alaïa will be with her father sharing those days away from home, which will be the first Christmas that Alaïa and I won’t spend in the same place,» the Puerto Rican began.

Then, Adamari said that it will be a sad time for her: «I’m a little heartbroken, it’s hard not being able to be with her in those special moments, but it is what it is and that’s what we’ll do from now on,» added Toni Costa’s ex-fiancee about her daughter. Filed Under: Adamari López Christmas Alaïa

Alaïa is their priority

they have priorities

In turn, she said that their little girl is a priority for both of them: “Our priority is to be aware of our daughter and to be present in her life. We divide the time, and she spends time with me and with Toni. The priority is always our daughter and we will always want to ensure her emotional well-being and that she is well.”

This will be the first year, since their breakup, that Adamari and Toni will spend the holidays separately: “This year is completely new. She’s going to spend time with each of us at Christmas, and that’s new for her and for us too. Before, we used to spend Christmas together and celebrate the three of us,” says the Puerto Rican. Filed Under: Adamari López Christmas Alaïa

She’s criticized for a kiss on the mouth

They criticize her for a kiss on the mouth

“This year will be the first in which each one has a specific date. How it will be? I don’t know, because we are learning it as it happens. But in the end the important thing is that she is going to have time to spend with both of us, and to enjoy a beautiful time. Even if we are not in the same place, we want her to be happy,” concluded the most beloved Puerto Rican host about this Christmas.

On People’s Instagram account, the Telemundo host appears with her little girl and was criticized for giving Alaïa a kiss on the mouth: «My Christmas wish is that she doesn’t continue kissing her on the mouth,» said an internet user in the post. Filed Under: Adamari López Christmas Alaïa

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