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Kenya cult death toll rises! 73 bodies found in starvation cult mass graves

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  • Kenya starvation cult death toll continues to rise.
  • More bodies found in mass graves on church property.
  • Pastor Paul Makenzi is in police custody.

HORROR! Kenyan police revealed more terrifying details after the discovery of mass graves near the church where, initially, four deaths were reported. Pastor David Makenzi is accused of convincing his followers to fast to death in order to meet Jesus.

At first, the pastor was accused of four deaths and a former member of the church said that more people had died. Following the complaint, authorities discovered around 21 bodies on his property. As they continue to search, that number has increased to 73.


Photo: The Associated Press

Again, the Kenyan police reported that they found more bodies on the property of pastor Paul Makenzi. They say homicide investigators found more bodies buried in mass graves.

According to The Associated Press, the total death toll is now reported to be 73, with 26 new bodies exhumed on Monday, Malindi sub-county police chief John Kemboi said. He also stated that the investigators received reinforcements and were able to cover more ground.

“What we are seeing … is akin to terrorism”

"It is similar to terrorism"
Photo: The Associated Press

Kenyan President William Ruto on Monday compared dozens of starvation deaths among followers of a pastor in the southern part of the country, to terrorism. He expressed his horror at Paul Makenzi’s actions.

“What we are seeing… is akin to terrorism,” President Ruto said. «Mr. Makenzi … pretends and postures as a pastor when in fact he is a terrible criminal,» the president declared, according to The Associated Press. Ruto stressed that he had instructed law enforcement agencies to thoroughly investigate the matter as a criminal case that is not linked to any religion.

More people missing?

Victims increase Pastor Kenya: In the middle of the search?
Photo: The Associated Press

The Kenya Red Cross Society stated on Sunday that 112 people had been reported missing at a search desk set up in Malindi, where the pastor’s main church is located.

Makenzi was arrested on suspicion of telling his followers to fast to death to meet Jesus. A group of emaciated people were rescued alive, but some of them later died. Authorities then turned their attention to dozens of shallow graves marked with crosses on Makenzi’s 800-acre ranch, the AP reported.

What happened to the alleged culprit?

Victims increase Pastor Kenya: What happened to the alleged culprit?
Photo: The Associated Press

Makenzi remains in custody and a court is allowing investigators to hold him for two weeks while the investigation into the deaths continues, the AP news agency reported.

Prior to this arrest, the Paul Makenzi had been arrested twice before, in 2019 and in March of this year, in connection with the deaths of children. Each time, he was released on bail and both cases are still in court, according to The Associated Press. So far, local politicians have urged the court not to release him this time.

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