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Woman throws a tantrum, attacks airport employees over missed flight (VIDEOS)

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  • A woman goes viral for throwing a tantrum at AICM after missing her flight.
  • The woman hit airport employees.
  • She threw the contents of her suitcase everywhere.

Nowadays, thanks to social media, it is quite common for us to find out about catastrophic events and great scandals as they happen. Technology reaches every corner of the earth and people do not miss the opportunity to share scandalous moments in real time.

A woman at the Mexico City airport was captured on video by several people when she threw a tantrum over missing her flight to Qatar. She even physically attacked airport employees.

Woman throws a tantrum at Mexico airport

Woman blows up Mexico airport
PHOTO: Instagram/ Al Rojo Vivo

There are several videos circulating that show the woman’s aggression towards an Emirates airline employee at the Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de México (AICM). The passenger, who missed her flight, got into a restricted counter area.

She was attempting to physically attack the airline employee. But that’s not all, she expressed her anger in other ways as well. Filed Under: Woman throws tantrum at Mexico airport

Woman attacks airline staff

Woman blows up Mexico airport
PHOTO: Instagram/ Al Rojo Vivo

The woman who has gone viral in the last few hours, also opened her suitcase and threw her belongings all over the floor. Given her volatile behavior, the employees made a drastic decision, according to Milenio

Seeing that they could no longer handle the attacker’s anger, the women decided to ask for help. In more videos shared by other people, the woman can be seen screaming uncontrollably, however her words are not very clear. Filed Under: Woman throws tantrum at Mexico airport

The woman goes crazy!

PHOTO: Twitter

According to Milenio, one of the videos shows the woman hanging from one of the screens above the counter with the airline’s logo. Let’s remember, this was all because she missed her flight to Qatar.

The reactions of people on social media have been quite divided. Some people say that anyone could fly off the handle like this if they missed an important flight, on the other hand there are those who say that this woman needs professional help. Filed Under: Woman throws tantrum at Mexico airport

What do people think?

PHOTO: Twitter

In the comments of the video shared Al Rojo Vivo on Instagram, internet users gave their opinion about the woman’s out of control behavior: «I know that doing this is not right, but the airlines commit some blunders and they don’t care what you might lose in terms of money, time, even work!” “Terrible that a human being can act like this.” “That woman urgently needs help.”

«Nothing justifies violence, but really a large part of the airport staff are very rude and do not care about pleasing the passenger, I clarify that I have never missed a flight and they have been kind to me but I have seen some injustices with passengers.” “The airlines always wash their hands, they do not care at all what your problem is. They are zero empaths and they literally send you for cokes, it’s okay for them.” “What terrible to miss the flight, I would have done the same.”  (SEE VIDEOS HERE AND HERE Filed Under: Woman throws tantrum at Mexico airport

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