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Who was the German influencer murdered in Israel?

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influencer murdered in Israel, Shani Louk, Germany, Orion, MundoNOW / influencer asesinada en Israel, Shani Louk, Alemania, Orion, MundoNOW
Who was the influencer murdered in Israel? / PHOTO: Instagram
  • Who was Shani Louk, the influencer murdered in Israel?
  • She was kidnapped by Hamas.
  • Her family is desperately seeking help.

On Saturday, October 7, a new violent conflict between Israel and Hamas began, shocking the world

Armed groups of Palestinian Islamic fundamentalists launched a surprise attack on Israel from the Gaza Strip.

Among the victims is a young influencer from Germany who worked as a tattoo artist. Who is Shani Louk?

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Sergeant podcast, Carlos Cornejo, laws, law, MundoNOW

The German influencer, 30-year-old Shani Louk, was at a music festival for peace when the attack occurred.

Hamas later released a video showing several kidnapped civilians.

A video also circulated online showing a naked woman, who appeared to be dead in the back of a truck, being paraded through the streets like a trophy.

Shani’s family identified her tattoos and distinctive dreadlocks.

Who was the influencer murdered in Israel?

shani louk, influencer murdered in Israel, tattoos, dreadlocks, social media, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Instagram

According to Marca, the young influencer murdered in Israel had her whole life ahead of her.

She was a talented tattoo artist who shared her art on social media.

She has just over 11,000 followers and 54 posts. It’s noteworthy that she doesn’t follow any other accounts.

She was living in Israel for work reasons and recently, she visited the Czech Republic and Greece.

Her family believes she’s still alive

Shani Louk, War, Palestine, Hamas, Jihad, MundoNOW
Influencer murdered in Israel / PHOTO: Instagram

In one of the most recent posts on Shani Louk’s Instagram account, there is a detail that cannot be overlooked.

It is a video of her grandmother asking for help locating her because her family believes she is still alive.

«They sent us a video in which you could clearly see our daughter unconscious in the truck with the Palestinians, and they were driving through the Gaza Strip.»

Shani’s grandmother is pleading for help locating her granddaughter.

Shani Louk’s boyfriend was also kidnapped

influencer murdered in Israel, Mexican boyfriend, Orion, missing, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Instagram

Shani Louk was not alone at the music festival. Her boyfriend, who is Mexican was with her.

Like her, he was taken hostage and so far, he is still missing. Orion Hernández is known online as Orion ChirrisWow.

When Shani’s family tried to contact her and her boyfriend, they unfortunately received no response.

The video circulating on social media shows the terrorists transporting what appears to be the young woman’s lifeless body.

Is German influencer Shani Louk still alive?

Orion Hernández, tattoo artist, Israel, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Instagram

According to Milenio, Shani Louk’s mother says that she believes her daughter is alive but in critical condition in a hospital.

«We have information that Shani is alive but seriously injured and in critical condition,» her mother said.

She also said that every minute is crucial and demanded that the German government act immediately.

«It’s not a matter of competence but of acting quickly to get Shani out of the Gaza Strip,» she said. To see the video of Shani Louk’s mother, click HERE.

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