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Missing influencer Shani Louk’s mother says her daughter is alive

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Shani Louk is alive, influencer, war, Israel
Shani Louk is alive claims her mother (Photo: The Associated Press/TMZ)
  • Shani Louk’s mother says she is still alive.
  • Ricarda is begging for help finding her daughter Shani Louk.
  • A video supposedly showing Louk’s body circulated earlier this week.

The mother of influencer Shani Louk, who was kidnapped from an Israeli music festival, says that her daughter could still be alive.

This comes after video of Louk’s naked body being paraded through the streets by Hamas terrorists surfaced.

Israel declared a state of war on Saturday and has responded with heavy and constant bombing of the Gaza Strip, according to EFE.

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In a video, Shani Louk’s mother Ricarda said anonymous Palestinian sources told her that her daughter is still alive.

Ricada says the 22-year-old is currently hospitalized in Gaza with serious head injuries.

The tragic incident involving Shani Louk has deeply shaken the international community, sparking outrage and demands for immediate action.

Initial reports stated that Louk had been the victim of a brutal attack during a music festival in Israel, prompting widespread condemnation and calls for justice.

Is Shani Louk alive?

Shani Louk is alive, Shani Louk, Hamas, Israel, War,
Photo: AP

Louk’s mother has even urged the German government to take urgent measures to remove her daughter from the conflict zone in Gaza.

In the moving video, she said that “every minute counts” to ensure Shani Louk’s safety and well-being.

The uncertainty surrounding their daughter’s condition has led the family to search for answers and make a desperate call for international help.

The international community is closely following these developments, awaiting confirmation on Louk’s whereabouts.

Shani Louk’s mother speaks out

Shani Louk is alive, Ahani Louk, Influencer Israel, Hamas, MundoNOW
Photo: AP

In the clip shared on Tuesday, Ricarda is clearly distraught after her daughter was kidnapped by Hamas forces.

Uncertainty and anguish prevail as we await official updates on this heartbreaking situation.

Ricarda has been pleading on social media for anyone who has information about her daughter to come forward.

This comes after the brutal video of Louk’s naked body being spit on in the back of a Hamas truck surfaced.

The images of Shani Louk being kidnapped

Shani Louk is alive, Shani Louk, Shani Louk murdered, Israel, MundoNOW
Photo: AP

After the video supposedly showing the influencer’s bloody and half-naked body, her mother spoke out.

Ricarda holds out hope that Louk is still alive, stating that her daughter appeared to be unconscious in the clip, not dead.

It was speculated that the young influencer was killed after being kidnapped by the Hamas terrorist group that entered Israel through the Gaza Strip.

Her mother confirmed that it was Louk in the video and said that she identified her by her tattoos and dreadlocks, according to TMZ.

Moments before the tragedy

Gaza Strip, terrorists, war, deaths Israel, MundoNOW
Photo: AP

Before Shani Louk was reportedly kidnapped, she shared videos of herself having fun with her friends at the festival.

The videos were posted on social media, where she has many followers. Currently, her Instagram account remains deactivated.

The news began to go viral after different outlets claimed that the young woman was dating a Mexican DJ identified as Orion ChirrisWow.

It is still unknown whether Shani Louk is alive or dead. Click here to see the video of Shani Louk’s mother.

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