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Who was Ana Rosa, the woman accused of murdering Camila?

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Ana Rosa murders Camila, murderer - Ana Rosa asesina Camila, asesinato, Taxco, México, MundoNOW
Who murdered Camila? / PHOTO: Shutterstock
  • Who murdered Camila? Ana Rosa was a suspect
  • She was beaten to death by an angry mob
  • Did she have links to organized crime?

At just eight years old, little Camila Gómez was kidnapped and brutally murdered. Her alleged killer was her neighbor, Ana Rosa Díaz Aguilar.

A day later, residents of Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico, beat her along with her two children. A few hours later, she passed away.

It’s an incident that won’t soon be forgotten.

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Who was Camila’s murderer?

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PHOTO: Twitter

According to information from various accounts on X (formerly Twitter), little Camila’s murderer, Ana Rosa was a widow.

She had four children: Alfredo, Axel Alejandro, Ivanna and Lis. Her two sons were also beaten by the angry mob and can be seen photos and videos online.

Initially, it was believed her eldest son was her partner, but it was later confirmed that this was not the case.

Ivanna is a key witness to this tragedy, while Lis was the friend who invited Camila to her pool.

She had recently started a new relationship

Ana Rosa murders Camila, couple, taxi driver, boyfriend, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Twitter

As mentioned above, Ana Rosa, who murdered Camila, was a widow.

The man seen in the video putting a black bag into a taxi was her new boyfriend, José Ricardo Amado Gaytán.

He is the person who told authorities everything that happened, in addition to revealing where he left the little girl’s body.

He escaped the beating, but the police arrested him afterward for femicide. This man, and not Ana Rosa, is the main murder suspect.

Was Camila murdered for money?

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PHOTO: Twitter

According to Debate, Ana Rosa had three Facebook profiles, where she shared more details about her family and personal life.

One of these accounts says that her late husband, Manuel Alexandro Estrada Pérez, died in 2019.

She allegedly planned Camila’s kidnapping because the little girl’s father works in the United States. They demanded a ransom of just over $15,000.

It is said that Ana Rosa liked many of Camila’s mother, Margarita Ortega’s posts.

Her late husband had links to organized crime

links, organized crime, delinquency, murder, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Twitter

Ana Rosa, who didn’t make it past high school, allegedly made the fatal decision to kidnap and murder Camila.

According to ABC Noticias, her husband had links to organized crime.

For this reason, he was murdered in 2019, leaving Ana Rosa a widow and her four children orphaned.

«Obviously, there is a history that they (the family) have been involved in organized crime,» stated Camila’s uncle César Gómez.

Ana Rosa was beaten to death by an angry mob

Guerrero, Prosecutor's Office, MundoNOW, police car, criminal
PHOTO: Twitter

Shortly after the residents of Taxco, Guerrero beat her, Ana Rosa died.

According to Animal Politico, this happened just before two in the afternoon on Thursday, March 28.

Although it is said she died in the hospital, it is believed she passed away at the facilities of the State Attorney General’s Office.

Little Camila was given her last goodbye at the municipal cemetery. May she rest in peace.

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