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Video of Luis R. Conriquez’s ex-wife beating him is leaked

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Video of Conriquez's ex-wife beating him (PHOTO: Shutterstock via MundoNOW Archive)
  • Video of Luis R. Conriquez’s ex-wife beating him.
  • Karen Caro responds.
  • Surprising revelations on social media.

And there’s more… After Luis R. Conriquez claimed that his ex-wife beat him up, a video of this incident was leaked on social media.

Perhaps the singer never imagined what his accusation would provoke, as it seems to be the start of a long soap opera.

To top it off, his current girlfriend, Ivette Camacho, also made a shocking revelation.

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‘They went at it ‘Malagueña style’

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PHOTO: Instagram

Before viewing the video of Conriquez’s ex-wife beating him, it’s worth recalling a story.

First, the corrido singer stated on social media that he was on vacation with his girlfriend

According to Univision, it seems Ivette Camacho is pregnant. She says she was also beaten by Karen Caro.

«They entered the house, they knew where I was… It was her, her sister, her mom, another friend of hers,» Conriquez revealed.

Luis R. Conriquez says he held them off as best he could

video of beating ex-wife Conriquez, Karen Caro, mother, sister, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Instagram

Before finishing with this video, Luis R. Conriquez said that his ex-wife and the people with her went all the way to his room.

«When I saw they entered, they all went after her and I, as best as I could, restrained them so she could leave and they hit me,» he claimed.

Various celebrities, including Peso Pluma, Beto Sierra, Jesús Mendoza and Ernesto Barajas, showed their support for the singer.

To see the video where the corrido singer talks about the beating click HERE.

‘Just yesterday you denied her to me’

Instagram stories, screenshots, conversations, divorce, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Instagram

Almost immediately, Luis R. Conriquez’s ex-wife reacted to the video where the singer accuses her of beating him up.

Through her Instagram stories, Karen Caro shared several screenshots of conversations she had with him.

In addition, she added that, until recently, her ex had denied the existence of his current girlfriend and added that he couldn’t date without being divorced.

Then, she shared a photo where she’s wearing a sling and claimed that Conriquez was the one who assaulted her.

Karen Caro asks Conriquez to do things ‘right’

accusations, displays it, aggression, video, MundoNOW
Video of Conriquez’s ex-wife beating him / PHOTO: Instagram

But that wasn’t all from Luis R. Conriquez’s ex, who says she doesn’t object to the singer having a new girlfriend, she just wants him to divorce her first.

«If very manly, do things right,» she said, also saying that she has a video showing how things really happened.

Ivette Camacho also showed her injuries after the fight.

«I just wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t defended myself?» commented the model.

Who is telling the truth?

video of beating ex-wife Conriquez, Ivette Camacho, Karen Caro, Luis R. Conriquez, MundoNOW
Video of Conriquez’s ex-wife beating him / PHOTO: Instagram

According to La Razón, the video of Conriquez’s ex-wife beating him was leaked on social media.

In it, you can see how the singer tries to subdue Karen, as she went after Ivette, who was lying on the bed.

Although none of the three are clearly distinguishable, it is claimed to be authentic.

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