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Vegan and vegetarian Thanksgiving: Plant-based alternatives

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Plant-based Thanksgiving dishes (Photo: Shutterstockz)
  • Make it a plant-based Thanksgiving dinner this year.
  • Be kind to the environment and your heart.
  • Try these surprising vegetarian and vegan alternatives.

Thanksgiving, a holiday known for its indulgent feasts, often leaves vegans and vegetarians feeling left out.

Sure, the table is laden with pies, casseroles and bread rolls, but what about the turkey?

With an increasing number of people opting for plant-based diets, it’s time we rethink traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

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When you think of Thanksgiving dinner, turkey is often the first dish that comes to mind.

However, plant-based alternatives can be just as satisfying and are kinder to our planet.

From stuffed butternut squash to a sumptuous lentil loaf, there are countless options that can take center stage on your holiday table.

Add a rich, homemade vegan gravy, and your guests might just forget about the turkey altogether.

Side dishes are more than just an afterthought

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Photo: Shutterstock

Traditional side dishes like mashed potatoes and green bean casserole can easily be made vegan without sacrificing flavor.

Use plant-based milk and vegan butter for creamy mashed potatoes that everyone will love.

When it comes to green bean casserole, swap the regular cream of mushroom soup for a vegan version and use crispy fried onions for that extra crunch.

These tiny tweaks make all the difference, transforming well-loved classics into plant-based delights.

Unconventional plant-based Thanksgiving dishes

pumpkin, squash, woman on farm, food, vegan
Photo: Shutterstock

Why not take this opportunity to get creative and add some unexpected dishes to your Thanksgiving spread?

A vibrant, rainbow-hued salad filled with seasonal vegetables adds a burst of color and nutrients.

Or consider a hearty quinoa and black bean stuffed pepper for an alternative that packs a protein punch.

By incorporating novel, plant-based dishes, you’ll not only cater to vegan and vegetarian guests but also provide intriguing options for everyone else.

Don’t forget your plant-based Thanksgiving dessert

whipped cream, pumpkin pie, dessert, holiday, Thanksgiving
Photo: Mundo Archive

Pumpkin pie is a Thanksgiving staple, but did you know that making it vegan is a breeze?

Simply substitute the eggs with a mixture of cornstarch and water and use coconut milk instead of evaporated milk.

Other scrumptious options include vegan apple crisp and dairy-free chocolate mousse.

When it comes to dessert, plant-based alternatives are so delectable that they might just steal the show.

Vegan options that rise to the occasion

bread, rolls, Thanksgiving dinner, holiday, food
Photo: Shutterstock

Bread rolls are a Thanksgiving essential that’s often forgotten in plant-based meal planning.

But worry not, creating vegan rolls is simpler than you think.

Substitute cow’s milk with almond or oat milk, and use vegan butter or olive oil.

Once your guests taste these warm, fluffy rolls, they won’t even realize they’re eating something that’s completely plant-based.

Cheers to plant-based drinks

Beer, Ingredients, barley, glass, alcohol
Photo: Mundo Archive

No feast is complete without a range of beverages to complement the meal.

In addition to the usual wine and beer, consider offering vegan-friendly cocktails made with plant-based milks or syrups.

Mocktails featuring seasonal fruits like cranberries and pomegranates add a festive touch.

With such a variety of drinks, you’ll make sure that everyone’s glasses stay full and hearts even fuller.

An inclusive feast that celebrates diversity

Female, hands, bowl, pumpkin soup
Photo: Shutterstock

Creating a vegan or vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t mean compromising on taste or tradition.

By offering a range of plant-based alternatives, you’re inviting everyone to partake in the celebration, regardless of their dietary choices.

So this year, why not challenge yourself to rethink your Thanksgiving menu?

You’ll discover that a plant-based feast can be just as indulgent, delicious, and memorable as any other.

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