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Valentino Lanús opens up about his cancer battle

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Valentino Lanús' cancer / Photo: Mezcalent
  • Valentino Lanús’ cancer battle.
  • His retirement and getting out of the jungle.
  • How he healed with natural remedies.

Actor Valentino Lanús, known for being one of the most sought-after leading men in Mexican soap operas, opens up about his illness.

He publicly talked about his battle with cancer, an experience he kept private for several years.

Valentino Lanús retired after a long and successful career.

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Photo: MundoNOW

After his retirement, he chose to live in the jungle and then moved to Houston, Texas, where he began a new chapter of his life.

However, until now, the actor had not talked about his battle with cancer, an important part of his story that he has decided to share.

The soap opera heartthrob told TV y Novelas that he discovered his illness while living in the jungle.

In light of Valentino’s statements, people began to express their concern online.

Valentino Lanús’ cancer battle

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Photo: Mezcalent

Valentino Lanús told TV y Novelas about what happened after he retired from telenovelas.

Now, the actor is back with the melodrama Tu Vida es Mi Vida alongside Susana González and produced by Angelli Nesma.

«I have never said it, but I suffered from cancer between the small and large intestine. I discovered that while living in the jungle,» the actor revealed.

«The consequence was due to the eating habits, the terrible way of life we ​​lead. I identified it immediately,» he added.

How the actor overcame cancer

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Photo: Mezcalent

«This because when you are in the jungle, you are with yourself and you know what is happening with your body,» Valentino shared.

Valentino Lanús stressed the importance of natural healing and the power of the body itself in the recovery process.

«(I had) a healing process through yoga and fasting and that is how I survived cancer. I learned to fast,” said the soap opera star.

«I didn’t want to do chemotherapy, that kills, it killed my mother. It’s something I had to respect but I knew it wasn’t the right mechanism,» he said.

He chose to use natural remedies

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Photo: Mezcalent

«I say this from my own experience, in your nature you have the ability to heal yourself, but you have to do an enormous job to heal,» he added.

Valentino Lanús said: «It took about four years. The thing is that if you want to heal, you have to go for yourself, I did tests and now I’m perfect.

I have never been as healthy as now. Not even when I was 17 years old. I have changed habits, nutrition,» he stressed.

«Truly. The health of a person without being guided by tendencies that are not based on truth.» he said.

A new lease on life

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Photo: Mezcalent

Despite his battle with cancer and other challenges he faced, Valentino Lanús is happy to have made a full recovery.

«I was never afraid of death. I am a brave man and when you face life you have already gone through the worst,” he stated.

«I am a brave man. The only thing we have is certainty,» he continued.

«When you dedicate yourself to doing evolutionary practices and connecting with nature, to truly being with the sun, with life you can heal yourself,» he said.

Valentino Lanús returns to TV

Valentino Lanús had cancer, Celebrity, Soap operas, Entertainment, Personality
Photo: Mezcalent

We will soon see him on the small screen again alongside Susana González in Tu Vida es Mi Vida.

The soap star’s story has made an impact in the entertainment world.

Despite his retirement and his fight against cancer, Valentino Lanús is ready to return to the small screen.

His story of recovery inspires many and shows that determination can be a powerful tool in this fight, according to TV y Novelas.

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