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USCIS makes the path to citizenship easier for immigrants with some health and disability issues

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  • USCIS makes obtaining citizenship easier for some immigrants.
  • They will be able to get US citizenship without having to go through some complicated tests.
  • The agency’s goal is to streamline processes and break down barriers.

GOOD NEWS FOR CERTAIN IMMIGRANTS! They break down barriers and now USCIS is making the path to citizenship for some immigrants with health issues or disabilities easier. Certain conditions will no longer be an impediment to finally getting their papers.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) implemented some changes in the process so that immigrants with physical or mental disabilities can obtain US citizenship without having to go through some complicated tests.

USCIS eases path to citizenship for immigrants based for health or disability reasons

USCIS facilitates citizenship immigrants health disability
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Every immigrant seeking citizenship in the United States must pass a civics test and meet certain language requirements, but some genetic diseases or disabilities may prevent some people from taking these tests.

In light of this, USCIS made adjustments to its policy to facilitate the process for those immigrants with impediments derived from health issues or disabilities so they can get their papers without having to take the English and civics exams.

Fill out Form N-648

USCIS facilitates citizenship immigrants health disability
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“Applicants for naturalization with a physical or developmental disability or mental impairment that prevents them from meeting the English and civics test requirements for naturalization may file Form N-648 to request an exception to those requirements,“ announced the agency.

USCIS indicated that President Joe Biden’s Executive Order 14012 aims to improve immigration processes, although it will not be as simple as filling out a form, since Form N-648 must be duly completed and certified by a medical professional, pointed out El Diario NY.

Streamlining the citizenship process

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USCIS says that this was a timely response to the needs of the people. “This is a wonderful example of how USCIS is listening to the public it serves to better address their needs, while fulfilling our responsibilities as an agency,” said USCIS Director Ur M. Jaddou.

The agency’s goal is to streamline processes and break down barriers. «The changes made to Form N-648 are yet another way USCIS is removing barriers to naturalization, in accordance with President Biden’s Executive Order 14012 and EO 13985,» she added.

A path to citizenship

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“Generations of Hispanic immigrants shape every facet of American life, drive economic growth and create opportunities for others. Know that you are welcome here and we will be stronger with you as part of the American family,” Jaddou recently wrote in a Twitter message.

The director of USCIS invited the millions of permanent residents in the United States who are eligible to expedite their procedures for citizenship. “To the more than 9.1 million permanent residents, I urge you to consider the rights, responsibilities, and opportunities that citizenship can bring to you, and to this country. You are welcome here and I know we will be stronger with you being part of the American family,” she said.

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