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Trump loses it and throws a reporter’s phones during a tirade

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Trump rompió el silencio
  • Former President Donald Trump threw a reporter’s phones.
  • His tantrum occurred on a campaign plane.
  • Apparently the incident happened in March.

Trump throws cell phones. Former President Donald Trump is in the eye of the hurricane once again after losing his temper at a journalist. According to the clip that was released, the Republican candidate was asked about the Manhattan district attorney’s investigation and like Bad Bunny, he threw the reporter’s phones.

Trump began the year railing against the multiple investigations into his various alleged crimes. At the moment, he is still running to be the Republican presidential candidate and insists it’s all an attempt to oppress him.


Photo: Twitter

Former President Donald Trump is making headlines after a video was released involving NBC reporter, Vaughn Hillyard. He was asking him about Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg and Trump lost his temper.

“We did nothing wrong. This is fake news, and NBC is one of the worst. Don’t ask me any more questions,» Donald Trump exclaimed, according to Vanity Fair. He then grabbed Hillyard’s two cell phones and threw them.

Why did Trump lose it?

What happened to Trump?
Photo: Twitter

Before his tantrum, the former president indicated that he did not wish to discuss the case. He told the journalist that he’s «not a good guy» and ignored questions, asking his security team to remove Hillyard as he tried to board his private plane.

«I don’t want to talk to you. Do you hear me? You are not a nice guy,” Trump said when he was questioned again by the NBC reporter. «Alright, let’s go, get him out of here,» he said before throwing the phone. «Outta here. Outta here.»

Did he lose his temper?

Donald Trump threw cell phones: Did he lose his temper?
Photo: Twitter

In the video, Donald Trump is visibly irritated by the questions and when he notices the reporters’ cell phones, he asked who they belonged to. Upon learning the answer, the Republican grabbed them and threw them to the side.

«Whose is it?» Trump asked. «That’s mine too,» the reporter replied to the former president seconds before he threw them, according to Vanity Fair. Trump has not commented on the matter.

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