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The death of Jenni Rivera: 4 chilling facts

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  • The most dramatic details of the death of Jenni Rivera.
  • La Diva de la Banda was killed in a plane crash.
  • Four chilling facts about her death.

Four chilling facts about the death of Jenni Rivera! In 2012, the world lost Dolores Jannei Rivera who, for more than twenty years, topped the charts, filled stadiums like the Staples Center and became La Diva de la Banda, a distinction that will be hers forever.

Jenni Rivera’s artistic career is full of important events and feats. However, in her personal life, she was involved in several controversies that sometimes overshadowed her work as a singer. In December 2012, a tragic plane crash ended her life.

4. The plane disappeared from radar

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On December 8, 2012, Jenni Rivera gave a concert at the Arena Monterrey, in Mexico. The next day, she had agreed to appear on La Voz… México, where she was a judge and coach. She took a private plane with four people from her staff to the show.

The plane took off at approximately 3:20 am on December 9, headed for Toluca, Mexico. However, 15 minutes after takeoff, the Monterrey control tower lost all contact with the aircraft. At first, it was speculated that there might be survivors, but finally the authorities found the pulverized remains of the aircraft near the municipality of Iturbide, in Nuevo León.

3. Death threats?

Jenni Rivera
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Before the singer’s sudden death, some fans came to wonder if it had been an accident or if it was related to alleged death threats received by Jenni Rivera. Pepe Garza, one of Rivera’s closest friends, claimed to have recorded an interview in which the Diva de la Banda confessed to being afraid because the FBI warned her of a possible attack.

At some point, Jenni Rivera confessed that she felt uncomfortable working in Mexico due to threats from organized crime. In the years after her death, it was determined that the accident was due to mechanical problems that caused the aircraft to lose altitude.

2. The death of Jenni Rivera: A Tailspin

the diva of the band
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The accident in which Jenni Rivera perished has been described as terrifying, since the plane plummeted at a speed of more than 600 miles per hour. Before the impact, the aircraft was flying at an altitude of 28,000 feet, so the sudden failure caused a plummeting fall and an explosion that left such a degree of destruction that it was not possible to initially determine the cause of the accident.

This mishap is referred to as a chain of technical and human errors that mainly involved the captain of the Learjet, a 78-year-old man, and Alessandro Torres, the 21-year-old co-pilot whose license was only valid within the United States.

1. Jenni Rivera’s legacy

Jenni Rivera
Getty Images

Jenni Rivera’s achievements are numerous. In life, she received a total of four Latin Grammy Award nominations and, although she never won, she was one of the most critically and publicly acclaimed performers who topped Billboard charts.

La Diva de la Banda stood out for being the first Latin artist to fill the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, and the first regional Mexican singer to have a full house at the Staples Center, establishing herself in this way as one of the most important artists of the decade and one of icons of Mexican music in the United States.

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