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New details about the Televisa catalog of artists who could be hired by drug lords

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Televisa's catalog of artists (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Beltrán Leyva’s ex, Celeste, confirms the Televisa catalog is real.
  • Anabel Hernández revealed the truth.
  • She said which actress was most expensive to hire.

The truth comes out! Arturo Beltrán Leyva’s ex, Celesete, reveals details about the ‘mythical’ Televisa catalog of actresses who could be hired to entertain drug lords.

The ex-wife of the Mexican drug trafficker said that in 2006 she saw the document and that she saw several people’s names.

In addition, she confirmed which actress was the most expensive at that time and even pointed out other very specific details about the document.

Celeste’s statements contrast with Kate del Castillo’s comments and now journalist Anabel Hernández has returned to weigh in on the thorny topic.

Shocking details of Televisa’s catalog revealed

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Photo: Shutterstock

In Anabel Hernández’s new book titled Las Señoras del Narco: Amar en el Inferno, unexpected details about Televisa’s catalog were revealed.

Celeste, Arturo Beltrán Leyva’s ex-wife and the mother of his daughter, broke her silence and spoke about what this catalog offered.

«The catalog had exorbitant prices to hire the company of these celebrities,» said Celeste in Anabel Hernández’s book.

«[I] went with my brother to the offices of one of the executives with the last name Burrillo, a young man with light skin and light eyes,» declared the drug trafficker’s ex.

What did the Televisa catalog offer?

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Celeste has given vivid details about this document that has long been the subject of speculation and controversy.

«One of the secretaries showed us a catalogue…. The celebrities were there, the women from the television network,” she confirmed.

Among the most shocking revelations, Celeste said the catalog described different services they offered.

«Their company was offered for private meals. It said ‘business food’ that’s what I read,» she said.

How did Celeste get access to this book?

Anabel Hernández, Investigative Journalism, Revealed Truth, Mexican Entertainment Industry, MundoNOW
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According to Celeste, Arturo Beltrán Leyva proposed opening a Spa near Televisa, San Ángel, Telediario reported.

His main objective was to take advantage of the contacts that his friend Violeta Vizcarra could offer him, due to her closeness to show business personalities.

Vizcarra made an appointment for Beltrán Leyva, through Celeste, to visit the Televisa offices and look at the catalogue.

Arturo Beltrán Leyva wanted to meet the main stars of Televisa, so he asked his partner at the time, for the favor.

What did Televisa offer?

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What makes these revelations even more explosive is Celeste’s claim about details in the catalog.

«There were a lot of artists, a catalog that big. They gave it to you and you could do the hiring there,” reported the drug lord’s ex.

«They specified how long the famous person would be there, what you had to give them, transportation from point A to point B,» she declared.

«Everything seemed very normal or I was very stupid, but I didn’t see anything strange,» Celeste explained to Anabel Hernández, in the new book.

Who was the most expensive actress in the Televisa catalog?

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PHOTO Mezcalent

Celeste’s statements have generated an uproar throughout Mexico, because she also mentioned Paty Navidad.

«There were many, many, almost all of them from Televisa,» she said. The year 2006 marked a turning point in Celeste’s life, when she had access to the information in this mysterious catalog.

«But the most expensive and, according to what they told me, the best sponsored in the company, with the highest contract, at that time, was Paty Navidad: 700,000 pesos for a five-hour meal,» Celeste said.

According to MSN, This comes after years of denials from actors and Televisa about the existence of this catalog.

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