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Confrontation with drug traffickers leaves four police officers injured and 10 suspected criminals dead in Mexico

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  • Authorities clash with drug traffickers and shooting breaks out.
  • 10 suspected criminals were killed.
  • Images of the tragedy are circulating on social media.

An armed confrontation between the Nuevo León, Mexico police and drug traffickers left 10 suspected criminals dead and four police officers injured. The incident took place in the middle of the highway to Nuevo Laredo. Images of the attack went viral on social media.

The Mexican authorities continue in the fight against drug trafficking, which has caused the US to issue travel alerts for the region.


Photo: Twitter

Gerardo Palacios, the Secretaría de Seguridad de Nuevo León, issued a recent press release that officers exchanged gunfire with suspected drug traffickers and at least four policemen were injured and 10 suspects were killed.

«Confrontation between the Civil Force and criminals on the federal highway to Nuevo Laredo. Civil Force personnel were shot at by individuals who were traveling in three armored trucks,» Gerardo Palacios announced on social media.

What is known about the case?

What is known about the case?
Photo: Twitter

Palacios pointed out that the incident left 10 criminals dead and after the attack, the authorities seized three armored vehicles. Likewise, they indicated that inside they found weapons, ammunition and other equipment.

«10 Criminals killed. 3 armored vehicles. A considerable amount of weapons (including grenades), ammunition and tactical equipment secured,” detailed the Secretaría de Seguridad de Nuevo León. At the moment, the authorities continue to investigate the incident.

A premeditated attack?

Confrontation with drug traffickers Nuevo León: A premeditated attack?
Photo: Twitter

Palacios stated that three officers were injured when their vehicle overturned in the attack. Likewise, they pointed out that one of the police officers was shot. Infobae reported that it was a Civil Force patrol that overturned.

«3 Policemen injured by rollover. 1 policeman wounded by a bullet,» Palacios tweeted. At the moment, the authorities have not provided further details about the incident and the identities of the men who were killed.

Images of the confrontation circulate online

Confrontation with drug traffickers in Nuevo León: Images of the confrontation have an impact
Photo: Twitter

Several videos are circulating online showing the confrontation. One video shows the overturned police car and officers surrounding the area while an ambulance was checking the injured people.

“They report a confrontation between the Civil Force and alleged criminals on the Monterrey – Nuevo Laredo federal highway, Laredo in Nuevo León. Authorities confirm 10 criminals dead and 3 police officers injured,» journalist Brenda Peña tweeted.

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