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Televisa actor Lalo España comes out and reveals that he’s ‘living a love story’

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Lalo España comes out, televisa actor, MundoNOW
Lalo España comes out (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Lalo España comes out!
  • He dishes about his new relationship.
  • The actor enjoys his privacy.

LALO ESPAÑA COMES OUT! The renowned Vecinos actor reveals how he came out and talks about his happy relationship with his new boyfriend.

While he prefers to keep his partner’s identity private, España was happy to talk about his new romance.

His brave story inspires others to embrace their truth and seek happiness without fear or judgment, showing that love always triumphs.

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Lalo España comes out

Lalo España, Neighbors, Ranferi Aguilar, Mexican Comedy, MundoNOW
Photo: Mezcalent

Twelve years after the tragic death of his boyfriend, Ranferi Aguilar, Lalo España, known for his role as Germán in the successful TV series Vecinos, is beginning a new chapter.

The comedian has recently revealed details about his new relationship and his current emotional state.

In a statement made on the evening of May 7, Lalo España shared his happiness about his romance, which started six months ago.

España also said that his current partner prefers to stay out of the spotlight.

What did the actor say?

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Photo: Mezcalent

«Very well [I am in love], the truth is that it’s good, I’ve been in a relationship for six months,» the Televisa actor told reporter Edén Dorantes.

He did not hesitate to say that he keeps his romance out of the public eye because they are «sacred moments.»

«I have kept it very much for us, it’s nice like that, why [make it known]? It’s nice like that, your sacred moments,» the actor said.

«He doesn’t like to appear in all these matters. Not at all [he’s not from the industry]… Very happy, my close friends and family tell me, ‘You look very happy,'» he continued.

Lalo España’s past relationships

Lalo España comes out, televisa actor, MundoNOW

This is not the first time Lalo España has talked about a boyfriend.

In December 2023, during an appearance on Hoy show, the actor briefly mentioned his relationship, describing his partner as «a very hard-working guy and a nice person.»

At that time, he also revealed that they were in a long-distance relationship and therefore, he keeps his relationship private.

The news of this new relationship comes after a period of pain and mourning for Lalo España.

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