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Sherri Moody went to the hospital with strep and ended up having all her limbs amputated

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Texas teacher Sherri Moody faces quadruple amputation (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Texas teacher Sherri Moody loses her limbs.
  • She thought she has a simple strep infection.
  • Her life has completely changed.

Texas high school teacher Sherri Moody, 51, shared the shocking story of how her life changed completely.

After what she thought were flu symptoms became severe, Sherri went to the emergency room, setting off a chain of events that would be devastating.

Her situation quickly worsened and doctors were forced to make drastic decisions to save her life.

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Texas teacher Sherri Moody went to the ER with flu symptoms

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

Serious complications from strep had resulted in a health crisis that would endanger Sherri’s life.

Doctors were forced to amputate all four of her limbs.

This drastic measure left everyone shocked and facing a future full of uncertainty and monumental challenges.

As teacher Sherri Moody and her family faced this unexpected turn of events, they had to gather strength and find new ways to deal with daily challenges.

How did it start?

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

After taking her students on a field trip in April 2023, Texas teacherr Sherri Moody found herself plunged into what she could only describe as a nightmare.

A severe infection endangered Sherri’s life, and she found herself hospitalized and fighting to stay alive.

That’s when doctors made the difficult decision to amputate all four of her limbs to stop the spread of the infection.

The unexpected illness plunged her into a state of confusion and fear, facing a future full of uncertainty and unknown challenges.

Sherri Moody faced a devastating diagnosis

complications, decision, amputation, uncertainty, mundonow
PHOTO: Shutterstock

The high school teacher was initially diagnosed with double pneumonia, triggered by a strep infection.

However, this soon turned into a much more serious scenario. The pneumonia led to septic shock, plunging Sherri Moody into a battle for her life.

Rheumatoid arthritis medication Sherri had been taking exacerbated her illness, affecting her body’s ability to fight the infection, further complicating her medical situation.

Sherri recounted how her hospital stay became a constant challenge, leading to her being put into a medically induced coma to redirect blood flow to her vital organs.

Her whole life changed

 teacher sherri moody, texas, health, loses limbs
PHOTO: X (Twitter)

«I’ve never gone to the ER before in my life,» Sherri told Today.

“I was very healthy, very in shape. I ate right, exercised” she said, surprised at becoming so suddenly ill.

The septic shock led to a devastating outcome for teacher Sherri Moody — the amputation of all four limbs.

Sherri’s husband described how her arms and legs turned black and «mummified,» as blood flow was directed to her vital organs.

Starting a new life

teacher sherri moody, strep, health, sepsis
PHOTO: X (Twitter)

Upon learning of the tragic diagnosis, Sherri couldn’t hold back her tears, but quickly found the determination to face her new reality.

By August 2023, just a few months after the operations Sherri was already back home, ready to embrace her new normal.

With the unconditional support of her husband David, who left his job to care for her full-time, she began her rehabilitation process.

Sherri and her husband David supported each other, showing courage in the face of challenges, working together to find hope and recovery.

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