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Sueño millonario: María Sandoval

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María Sandoval, Bebida, Mesa, MundoNow, Podcast
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  • Sueño millonario shares the story of María Sandoval.
  • She moved for her family.
  • Eggnog was what allowed her to have something of her own.

María Sandoval’s story begins when her two daughters ask her to be closer to their father, as they missed him.

This is how this woman decides to come to this country to be closer to her family. When she arrives, she first came to California and later arrived in Atlanta to stay.

In Mexico, she was dedicated to the sale of gold and silver, and, in her words, she was doing quite well.

However, for her, it was necessary that her daughters feel good and be with their father as they asked.

First Jobs

Cutlery, Restaurant, Glasses, MundoNow, Podcast

The first job she had was in a printing press. She says that, to arrive on time and leave everything ready at home, she woke up at four in the morning.

However, she felt that she wouldn’t advance in this job. She resigns and decides to look for something different. A relative makes her a proposal. She asks her why they don’t work as waitresses.

After thinking about it for a bit, she says yes and starts working, and she was doing quite well. However, she had a pending situation and that was her papers.

Some coworkers started complaining about her and then, because she didn’t have her documents, they fired her from this job and then she thinks about what to do now.


Bottles, María Sandoval, Shelf, MundoNow, Podcast

When this happens, she doesn’t sit idly by and thinks of another way to generate income. She comes up with preparing a popular drink called eggnog and being as faithful as possible to its ingredients.

However, she comments, since it contains a bit of liquor, each customer of different nationalities puts a certain touch to it.

She sold it by the liter and according to certain specifications that had to be met. The amount she moves today per liter is considerable and she feels grateful for this.

The next objectives she wants to achieve are for these products to move in different establishments.


Woman, Wall, Security, MundoNow, Podcast

To conclude, she offers advice that she feels was important for her when she was in conflicts.

Don’t despair, it can be done. It is important to work in what one likes and to trust in God. Putting effort is necessary because nothing comes from the sky.

When combining all these elements, one can understand the reason why María has been able to reach where she is at this moment.

Sueño millonario bids you farewell for now and hopes that the story of María Sandoval has been to your liking and that you join us in getting to know more stories of persevering individuals.

Sueño Millonario
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