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Sueño Millonario: The Story of Itzel Romo

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Itzel Romo, Maqueta, Trabajadores, MundoNow, Podcast
Shutterstock, Itzel Romo
  • Sueño Millonario tells the story of Itzel Romo.
  • She is the founder and partner of King Roof.
  • Thanks to her extreme desire to excel, she achieved her goals.

Itzel Romo’s story is like a real-life lesson about beating the odds and making your dreams come true, as long as you’re ready to tackle tough stuff head-on and never give up.

Itzel left Mexico for the United States with a big goal: to get better at English and not give up on her college dreams.

Even though things were tough from the get-go, she didn’t let anything slow her down in her hunt for better chances.

The first days in the U.S. were rough. Itzel and her sister ran into money troubles they didn’t see coming.

Itzel’s Willpower

Construction helmet, Itzel Romo, Plans, MundoNow, Podcast

They only had $200, so they had to figure out how to get by with less. But Itzel’s determination was way stronger than any problem she faced.

She took on all sorts of jobs, from promoting stuff in Latin stores to selling Mexican spices and chilies, and even cleaning houses and offices.

These gigs didn’t just give her job experience, but also hooked her up with people who could help her succeed later on.

Even though she couldn’t keep going to college, Itzel always thought that never stopping learning was super key.


King Roof, Cleaning, Office, MundoNow, Podcast

She proved that constant learning and gaining knowledge are key for success in any area.

Discipline and a regular routine have been very key in Itzel’s life.

Staying focused on her goals and having a planned routine has helped her keep moving towards her aims.

The support of her family, particularly her father, has been a fundamental pillar in her journey toward business success. Despite the challenges, she has always had his unwavering support.

Family Business

Construction map, Stamps, Plans, MundoNow, Podcast

Eventually, Itzel, along with her brother, sister, and brother-in-law, decided to start their own business in the construction field, King Roof.

They started with a small initial amount of $20,000 and worked hard to grow the business.

This is because initially, no one would give them a loan, but later, a company did, and that helped them start more properly.

Throughout her path, Itzel has overcome big tasks, including the language barrier and not knowing much about the construction field.

Itzel Romo

Remodeling, Room, Itzel Romo, MundoNow, Podcast

Her focus on learning helped her beat these challenges and become a successful business owner.

Itzel hasn’t just achieved personal success but has also positively impacted her community by creating jobs and giving others chances.

Her story reminds us that, with determination and a love for learning, we can beat any challenge in our way to self-improvement and reaching our dreams.

That’s all for today. Sueño Millonario bids you farewell. Thank you for reading.

Sueño Millonario
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