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Sueño millonario: Francisco Valencia

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Story of Francisco Valencia, S
  • Sueño millonario shares the story of Francisco Valencia.
  • His family left Mexico due to fear of the crime that frightened them.
  • In a small and peculiar world is where he found what he liked.

Francisco Valencia’s story begins when one day his parents came home and told him to gather his belongings because they had to leave.

This is because in Mexico many people wanted to harm his family. So it was Francisco’s father who made the decision to move to the neighboring country.

They were afraid they could be kidnapped in the midst of all this conflict. After much effort, they arrived in the United States.

Today he has been living in Atlanta for over ten years, and he says that starting out was difficult. He learned some English and wanted to master it because it was one of the foundations for everything.

First Jobs

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This man’s first jobs were simple but meaningful. First, he worked in a warehouse, then as a garbage collector and also as a waiter, but he says he had many others.

The common factor he felt with these jobs was that they did not provide the satisfaction he was looking for.

One day, an acquaintance introduced him to a world he never thought would have wonderful potential. This person told him that if he was interested in working on garage doors and he decided to give it a try.

He realized it was a great job. He liked it because it was fast, good, clean, and left good capital.


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Once this business knocked on his door, he never wanted to leave it. He comments that it is the only thing he does today and that he really likes it.

He also offers some analysis in terms of earnings and time because he has had many jobs.

One of them is that what he earns in a nine-to-five job in a week, he can earn in one day of work in this business and that is extremely important to Valencia.

He shares that what he values most today is the time he spends doing his job and how he manages his company.


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Of course, this cannot end without Valencia sharing a piece of advice on this topic.

Everyone is free to manage their business as they feel works for them, but what cannot be missing is putting effort into what one decides to do.

With a tone of strength and good vibes, he says that it is possible to achieve a lot with effort and invites people to believe in that.

Sueño millonario bids you farewell for the moment and hopes that this brief story of Francisco Valencia has been to your liking and that you are encouraged to join us to learn more wonderful stories.

Sueño Millonario
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