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Allegedly Mexican singer Lalo Mora was arrested (PHOTOS)

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  • The arrest of a popular Mexican singer is reported.
  • It’s said that Lalo Mora was arrested on March 11, 2023.
  • Find out the details about what happened!

Regional Mexican singer Lalo Mora seems to have gotten into serious trouble with the authorities. Last night an entertainment journalist with many followers reported that the singer had been arrested.

Although not much has been said about it and there is not enough information to verify it actually happened. We reveal what reportedly happened to the Laurita Garza and Mi Nueva Casa singer.

Allegedly Lalo Mora was arrested

PHOTO: Instagram

Chamonic’s Instagram shared a photo of the singer and reported that Lalo Mora was allegedly arrested on March 11, 2023. However, not much has been said in this regard.

“In the early morning of March 11 at 2:30 am, the singer Lalo Mora was detained in Pico Rivera, Ca.,” reported Chamonic. Later, they revealed that the Mexican singer allegedly had to pay a fairly high bail to get out of jail.

Lalo Mora is said to have paid a fairly high bail

PHOTO: Instagram

It’s been reported that Eduardo Mora Hernández, whose stage name is Lalo Mora, had to pay a bond of more than $20,000, since he had a performance the next day. «He paid $20,000 in bail… because he had a performance on March 11 in the afternoon,» Chamonic reported.

This would not be the first time that the former member of Los Invasores de Nuevo León has gotten into trouble. Let’s remember that a while ago, a girl recently accused him of groping her at a concert.

Why was the singer arrested?

Lalo Mora allegedly detained
PHOTO: Instagram

Although there is not much information about the alleged arrest of the regional Mexican singer, Chamonic said the reason Lalo Mora got into trouble with the law has not yet been disclosed.

“I still don’t know the reason but we are investigating, they just say it was for something minor. Maybe he was drunk or making a mess,” the journalist posted on Instagram. People immediately started weighing in.

What do people think about Lola Mora’s alleged arrest?

Lalo Mora allegedly detained
PHOTO: Instagram

Although nothing has been reported officially, people immediately commented: «$20,000 bail? For a misdemeanor? It’s weird.” “Maybe he messed with the wrong woman.”

«If the news is shared by Chamonic, I believe it.» «Who is the man groping now?» «Or maybe he was putting his hand where he shouldn’t as he knows how to do it.» “A girl sued him because he groped her for sure.”

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