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Shakira in controversy for ‘mistreating’ a woman in front of everyone

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Shakira Controversy, Singer, Problem, MundoNow, News
Shakira Controversy (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Shakira Enmeshed in Controversy:
  • Accusation of Abuse Emerges.
  • Viral TikTok Video Circulates.

Shakira, the famed Colombian singer and global superstar, is currently in the midst of a maelstrom of criticism on social media.

This follows the leak of a video in which she is accused of mistreating a woman.

Throughout her prolific music career, the artist has been celebrated for her gracious interactions with fans, but now, many seem to be reevaluating their perception.

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Sergeant Cornejo, Carlos Cornejo, police, Colorado, MundoNOW
Photo: MundoNOW

The video in question has left many surprised, as it apparently showcases behavior completely contrary to her reputation.

The mysterious video, whose origin and context remain unknown, displays several people assembled, waiting for the Colombian singer.

Some police officers surround the area due to the crowd of fans present.

In the video, a woman manages to get very close to Shakira while she records her with her cellphone.

Controversy on Social Networks

 celebrities, reputation, debate, fans, fame, public image
Shakira in controversy PHOTO MEZCALENT

At that moment, Shakira appears to abruptly push the woman away, grabbing her arm, before approaching other fans and smiling again.

The video, titled “I leave Shakira’s fans a demonstration of the true face of this woman, how she pushed that lady,” has gone viral on TikTok.

This has generated divided opinions. Some internet users have labeled Shakira as rude and unfriendly.

Many have argued that her behavior in the video is unacceptable.

Internet users harshly criticize her

MundoNow, people, street, recording

One user commented, “You can clearly see that, and it’s really bad if it was with the intention of showcasing a diva attitude.” Another follower expressed, “I love Shaki, but she acted very poorly.”

In an unexpected twist, the hosts of the “Despierta América” program analyzed the video and offered their respective opinions.

Jomari Goyso asserted that the person Shakira pushed away in the video was, in fact, her sister.

This led to a heated debate among the presenters and the viewers.

The truth behind the video is revealed

leaked video, abuse, star, public opinion, fans, reaction, Shakira
PHOTO: Getty Images

Many were skeptical and believed that the fact that it was her sister did not justify the alleged abuse that can be perceived in the viral video.

Some comments reflected this sentiment, such as “If you treat your sister like that, it’s terrible…” and “Does the fact that she is your sister give you the right to treat her that way?”

The controversy has led to deeper reflection on the perception of celebrities and how their actions can impact their public image.

Artists are often adored by their fans, but any misstep can lead to a rapid decline in public opinion.

Shakira has not given any statement

 response, artists, private life, statement, news
Shakira in controversy PHOTO: Getty Images

In the case of the singer, the alleged action in the video has sparked a debate over whether her fame and success give her a pass to treat people rudely.

So far, Shakira has not issued an official statement about the incident, and it is uncertain if she will do so since she is very cautious with the messages she sends.

In a world highly connected through social media, artists are subject to constant scrutiny from their followers and critical detractors.

This episode serves as a reminder that the private lives of celebrities are often the subject of public scrutiny.  (YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO HERE).

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