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Scientists say the end of the world could come sooner than we expected

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  • Some scientists say the world could end sooner than we expected.
  • There is a new theory about the end of cosmic expansion.
  • When will life on Earth as we know it come to an end?

Some scientists have developed a new theory about when the world will end. Several experts from different universities have announced when they believe the universe could collapse. The date is much closer than we previously thought.

This new theory was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. They say it may not be long before the universe collapses and this would be the end of life on planet Earth.

Do scientists believe the end of the world is close?

The end of the world is close?

The scientists say this happening much more quickly than we expected, striking terror into those who fear Judgment Day. «This new scenario is naturally consistent with recent theories of cyclic cosmology and conjectures about quantum gravity,» said Paul Steinhardt, co-author of the theory, according to Fox Sports.

Scientists have long been trying to predict the exact moment of the end of the universe. Some believe that it will end in a fiery explosion, while others believe that it will simply fade into nothing. This new theory suggests that the end of the universe could come surprisingly soon — in just 65 million years.

Theory of the contraction of the universe

Theory of the contraction of the Universe

The theory, developed by scientists at Princeton University, is based on the idea that the expansion of the universe is slowing down. This is due to the presence of dark energy, a mysterious force that causes the universe to expand at an accelerating rate. However, researchers believe that dark energy may not be as powerful as previously thought. In fact, they believe it can eventually reverse course and cause the universe to start contracting.

If this happens, the universe will eventually collapse in on itself in a process known as the Big Crunch. This would be a very different end to the universe than most scientists have predicted. Instead of a fiery explosion, the universe would simply cease to exist.

The Big Crunch

A lot is missing?

Researchers believe that the Big Crunch could occur as soon as 65 million years from now. This may seem like a long time, but it is actually very short on a cosmic time scale. The universe is billions of years old, so 65 million years is only a fraction of its lifetime.

Of course, it’s important to note that this is just a theory. Dark energy may actually be more powerful than researchers believe, and the universe may continue to expand forever. Only time will tell what the final fate of the universe will be.

What would the contraction of the universe be like?

What will the contraction of the Universe be like?

Matt Caplan of the University of Illinois, says that this event would not be a slow process. On the contrary, would abruptly shut down in the wake of space debris known as black dwarfs.

“If it really happens, this show won’t be able to have viewers anyway. Since the effect of the expansion of the universe, the galaxies and the remnants of the stars will be so far apart that these explosions will occur in complete solitude,” he stated.

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