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The Austrian Nostradamus has terrifying predictions about the end of the world

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Nostradamus austriaca predicciones
Terrifying predictions about the end of the world (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Maria Simma, known as the Austrian Nostradamus has terrifying predictions.
  • She shares her dark visions of the end of the world.
  • What did Simma say?

Maria Simma, also known as the Austrian Nostradamus, has gained attention for her predictions about the end of the world. Simma’s warnings have caused a great deal of fear and concern among her followers.

In one of her nost, Simma spoke of a divine intervention that would soon occur to rectify the state of the world. Many of her followers interpreted this as a warning of an imminent Judgment Day, further contributing to the sense of terror and anxiety surrounding her.

Maria Simma, the Austrian Nostradumus, shares terrifying predictions

The apocalypse getting closer?

It is worth noting that Maria Simma, a Catholic mystic, reached the conclusion that the end of the world was approaching and that it would be a frightening event accompanied by immense suffering for humanity. Her experiences and encounters with souls in Purgatory, which she documented in various books, including the well-known Get Us Out of Here, shed light on her beliefs, according to Levante.

Beginning in 1940, at the age of 25, Simma claimed to have received visits from souls in Purgatory who conveyed to her the impending arrival of the end of the world. According to her accounts, these souls said that the event would be marked by terror and immense hardships for humanity.

What does Simma say?

Austrian Nostradamus and his predictions of the end of the world

One unsettling aspect of Simma’s predictions revolves around the immense suffering she foresees for humanity. She claims that people will endure unimaginable forms of torture and face horrifying deaths. Additionally, Simma predicts widespread devastation in the natural world, with famine, disease, and other calamities becoming prevalent.

Critics have raised concerns about the pessimistic nature of Simma’s predictions, questioning the accuracy and validity of such dire scenarios. However, Simma maintains that she is merely relaying what she has seen. Despite not wishing to inflict pain, she feels a profound sense of duty to warn humanity about the impending trials ahead.

The Austrian Nostradamus sparks fear

His predictions sparked fear

Simma’s predictions have evoked strong reactions — some are terrified and others are fascinated. Her devoted followers consider her a genuine prophet, selected by a higher power to forewarn humanity about the impending apocalypse. However, there are those who say she’s a fraud.

Regardless of one’s stance on Simma’s authenticity, it is undeniable that her predictions are deeply unsettling. She has portrayed a grim future characterized by worldwide chaos, warfare, and the loss of millions of lives. Moreover, she has warned of widespread environmental devastation, envisioning a world plagued by floods, earthquakes, and other catastrophic events that will become increasingly frequent.

The Austrian Nostradamus visions have been studied

His visions are studied

Simma’s predictions have drawn comparisons to those of the renowned French seer, Nostradamus. Like Nostradamus, her prophecies often carry a certain level of ambiguity, allowing for diverse interpretations. However, within her predictions, there have been specific instances where events she foretold have indeed come to pass. Notably, she accurately predicted the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the eventual fall of the Berlin Wall.

The impact of Simma’s predictions extends beyond mere speculation, as they have captured global attention. Her remarkable story has been documented in various forms, including books, documentaries, and even a feature film. In addition, she has been sought after for interviews by esteemed media outlets such as CNN, BBC, and The New York Times.

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