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Salsa singer Héctor Rey dies at 54

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  • Sad news in the Hispanic entertainment world.
  • Singer Héctor Rey dies.
  • ‘El Guaraguao de la Salsa’ was 54 years old.

As of now, no more details have been revealed about the cause of Héctor Rey’s death or if he suffered from any illness. Héctor Rey, also known as ‘El Guaraguao de la Salsa’ has passed away at 54 years of age. He is remembered for songs such as Te propongo, Ya no es lo mismo and Tan enamorado.

According to El Financiero, the singer was hospitalized on Tuesday, January 24, as he said he was in severe pain. Unfortunately, he died on Wednesday, January 25. It didn’t take long for fans and friends to say their last goodbyes. May he rest in peace.

Mourning Héctor Rey’s death

They regret the departure of Héctor Rey
Instagram photo

Born on September 26, 1968 in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, Héctor Rey made his music debut when he was just a young man as part of the band Salsa Fever, where he worked as a singer. One of his most popular albums is Al Duro, which went on sale in 1991. He adapted to the new times and promoted his albums on Spotify.

Te propongo, a song that I wrote for Héctor Rey, today I mourn his passing and I remember him with this song, fly high Héctor Rey, RIP friend,” wrote composer Mimí Ibarra. His other songs include: Ay amor, Una noche más, Todavía and Te voy a saciar de mí. (Filed as: Salsa singer Héctor Rey dies at 54 years of age)

“The moment of his death was critical”

"The moment of his departure was critical"
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It should be noted that the person who released the news of salsa singer Héctor Rey’s death was his manager, who said, according to Vistazo: “They had to call me because I am the manager, and the truth was I heard the news… the moment of his death was critical.” The reactions on social networks did not wait.

One of the songs El Guaraguao de la Salsa is most identified with is Te propongo, which to date has more than 10 million views on YouTube. In addition to his native country, his musical legacy transcended in more Latin American countries and several cities in the United States. He is remembered for being very approachable

Héctor Rey’s last post

The latest publications of Héctor Rey
Instagram photo

With just over a thousand friends on his Facebook page, singer Héctor Rey introduced himself as “El Guaraguao” in addition to taking advantage of the opportunity to offer his services and contact information. Born in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, he lived for a while in Houston, Texas. He died in his native country.

One of his last posts dates from September 29, when he was inviting people to a concert a few days later. A week ago, he told “his people” in Miami that he would perform there and attendees would enjoy a romantic night.

Condolences after Héctor Rey’s death

They express their condolences after the death of Héctor Rey
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Just like composer Mimi Ibarra, in a message shared by El Financiero, other people wanted to say goodbye to salsa singer Héctor Rey, among them the account Salsa y Soneo: “Once again unfortunate news for the salsa singers… Peace in his grave, his voice and his musical legacy will continue to live among all the salsa singers.”

“Rest in peace Hector Luis Reyes Carrera. It was the idea of ​​the creative musician and producer Julio Gunda Merced to call him artistically ‘Héctor Rey’, looking for a better memory in the public.” “Thank you for that good music that you leaves us, teacher, rest in peace.” “We are facing a sad loss for true salsa lovers,” can be read in more comments.

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