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Peso Pluma postpones concert after threats from Mexican drug cartels

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Peso Pluma postpones concert (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Peso Pluma postpones concert after threats.
  • Mexican drug cartels left narcomantas in Tijuana.
  • Fans worry for Peso Pluma’s safety.

A concert scheduled for this Friday in Illinois, featuring popular Mexican singer Peso Pluma has been abruptly postponed.

This was announced after Peso Pluma received death threats from a drug cartel in Mexico.

This news has caused a stir both in the music industry and among the singer’s fans — it raises serious questions.

The death threats against Peso Pluma were made public last Tuesday in the border city of Tijuana, Mexico.

How the death threats were made public

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PHOTO Getty Images

According to reports, alleged members of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) placed three narcomantas (banners) in different locations around the city.

These banners contained warnings addressed to Peso Pluma, urging him to cancel his concert scheduled for October 14 in Mexico.

The seriousness of the situation led the Prosecutor’s Office oof Baja California, Mexico to open an investigation into the threats against the 24-year-old singer.

Mexican authorities are working tirelessly to identify those responsible and ensure Peso Pluma’s safety.

A drastic decision

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The concert, which was to take place in Rosemont, Illinois — which has a large Latino population —has been postponed until October 29, according to ABC 7.

The organizers of the event have assured that previously purchased tickets will be valid for the new date.

The news of the postponement has triggered reactions on social media, with messages of support for the singer as well as expressions of concern.

Peso Pluma, whose musical repertoire focuses on narcocorridos, is known for praising prominent Mexican drug trafficking figures in his songs.

Did he praise El Chapo?

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PHOTO Mezcalent

One person who Peso Pluma praises in his music is Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán, who is imprisoned in the United States.

The singer made history just a few days ago by becoming the first Mexican star to perform at the prestigious MTV Video Music Awards.

His music has generated controversy and debate due to its content related to organized crime, and his lyrics have been analyzed.

To date, Peso Pluma has not issued any public statement in response to the death threats against him.

Silence in the face of death threats

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His silence in the face of this serious situation has left his fans and the public in general eager to know what he thinks of the uproar.

This incident highlights a broader problem that affects many artists who venture to explore controversial topics in their music.

The line between artistic expression and dangerous reality is often thin for musicians who tackle controversial topics, such as organized crime and drug trafficking.

Threats of this sort aren’t new. Valentín Elizalde, ‘El Gallo de Oro’ and Chalino Sanchez, were both murdered after receiving threats.

What did the narcomantas say?

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According to El Universal, several armed groups left narcomantas around Tijuana on Tuesday morning.

The men, who were hooded, placed the message threatening the corridos tumbados singer on the access bridge to the El Mirador subdivision.

«This goes to you, Peso Pluma. Refrain from appearing on October 14, because it will be your last performance,” indicated the message left by the criminal group.

«This for a disrespectful and loose tongue. You show up and we’re going to break you. Sincerely: CJNG,» reads the threat.

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