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Shocking autopsy photos of Valentín Elizalde

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  • Shocking autopsy photos of Valentín Elizalde.
  • El Gallo de Oro’s photos confirms he was shot to death.
  • What happened to the Mexican singer’s body.

El Gallo de Oro is undoubtedly an iconic figure in regional Mexican music, however his talent and artistic career were cut short. Now, Valentín Elizalde’s autopsy photos have been released.

The death of Valentín Elizalde continues to raise questions as there have been several theories about how he died and none have been confirmed. Almost 17 years after his death, a video appears showing the alleged autopsy photos of El Gallo de Oro.

Valentín Elizalde’s tragic murder raises questions

Valentin Elizalde iron body
Photo: YouTube

Despite the fact that Valentín Elizalde was hated by many, he also had numerous fans which is why his death continues to resonate today. Valentín Elizalde’s death continues to raise questions because there have been several theories about what happened.

On November 25, 2006 the 27-year-old singer was shot to death while riding in his SUV after performing at the Palenque of the Reynosa Expo-Fair, in Tamaulipas. His representative, Mario Mendoza, and his driver, Reynaldo Ballesteros, were also killed in the attack.

Valentín Elizalde’s autopsy photos

Valentin Elizalde iron body
Photo: YouTube

It should be noted that the Te quiero así singer was also with one of his cousins, ‘Tano’ Elizalde. He was the only one to survive after the car was shot more than 70 times.

Several photographs and videos have been shared on social media showing the body of the regional Mexican singer at the morgue where his autopsy was performed. There are also photos of his body inside the vehicle.

El Gallo de Oro’s autopsy confirms suspicions

Valentin Elizalde iron body
Photo: YouTube

The disturbing images are circulating on YouTube, showing the autopsy performed on Valentín Elizalde. Although it was not professional to record this, you can see that it is El Gallo de Oro.

The Huizet Blog channel on YouTube, showed images of Valentín Elizalde’s in the morgue. The Vete ya singer has obvious bullet wounds and blood on his face.

The Mexican singer’s body at the scene of his murder

They show how the body of the Mexican singer was left
Photo: Capture website La República

According to the autopsy results, Valentín Elizalde had an internal skull fracture due to the impact of one of the bullets. It is believed this is from the so-called ‘coup de grace’, which is always aimed at the forehead. This is also why he appears to have black eyes.

The Mexican singer’s corpse was recognizable, since the injuries did not affect his face. In a leaked photograph, he appears with one of his iconic costumes, his skin already totally white. TO SEE THE FULL VIDEO CLICK HERE

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