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NASA warns of giant 650 ft. asteroid heading for Earth

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  • NASA warns of a giant asteroid heading for Earth in the next few days.
  • The agency classified the 650 ft. asteroid as “highly dangerous”.
  • It will pass within 4.5 million miles of Earth.

ON HIGH ALERT! NASA issued a warning about a giant asteroid that is about to pass close to Earth and could be «highly dangerous». They indicated that this could occur in the next few days, so they are closely monitoring its progress.

So far, astronomers have reported that the 650 ft. asteroid could become a problem, although they did not specify the consequences of a phenomenon of this magnitude. These things aren’t unusual and are always closely monitored.


Photo: NASA

NASA is monitoring five asteroids that are approaching Earth and one of them is potentially dangerous. According to The Sun, a list provided by the agency included the asteroid 2023 CL3, which is more than twice the size of the Statue of Liberty.

This rock could cause serious damage to Earth if it were to hit. For this reason it was described as highly dangerous and caused alarms to go off. NASA did not specify whether further precautions should be taken.

When is the next approach?

When is the next approach?
Photo: NASA

NASA highlights that there are five asteroids approaching Earth this month. Asteroid 2023 HG1, is the size of a two-story house, measuring 60 meters, and could approach on May 9.

The next asteroid was identified as 2023 JD. It’s about the size of a house, measuring 52 feet across, and could be 821,000 miles from Earth — which is very close, but not considered highly dangerous. It is expected to pass our planet on May 10.

The most dangerous asteroids?

NASA warns asteroid Earth: The most dangerous asteroids?
Photo: NASA

They include three larger asteroids on the list that could be considered more dangerous to Earth. First, 2023 HT4 is the size of a multi-story building, measuring 250 feet. It will pass by on May 12.

They also listed 2021 JK7, which is 3,770,000 miles away from Earth and is expected to pass on May 22. At the moment, NASA continues to monitor the situation.

How is asteroid surveillance handled?

NASA Earth asteroid alert: How is asteroid surveillance handled?
Photo: NASA

NASA’s Asteroid Watch tracks asteroids and comets that will come relatively close to Earth. With this system, experts can monitor every rock that comes close to the planet and determine how dangerous they are.

“The dashboard shows the date of the closest approach, the approximate diameter of the object, the relative size, and the distance from Earth for each encounter. The dashboard shows the next five approaches to Earth within 4.6 million miles (7.5 million kilometers or 19.5 times the distance to the Moon)» reported The NASA.

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