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Scientists discover the closest black hole to Earth and it is more massive than the sun (VIDEO)

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  • Scientists discover a black hole close to Earth.
  • Is the Earth in danger? This is the closest black hole astronomers have found.
  • The atmosphere at this year’s Climate Summit.

Black hole close to Earth discovered. There is no doubt that the universe surprises us more and more every day. As technology has evolved over time, scientists have left us speechless with the discoveries that have been made in recent years.

Now, the existence of a black hole close to Earth that is 10 times more massive than the largest star, the sun, has been discovered. This black hole is the closest one to Earth, according to astronomers.

Black hole close to Earth: Astronomers make this important discovery

Closest black hole to Earth discovered
PHOTO: Shutterstock

A video shared by Telemundo has details of this important discovery. Scientists came to the conclusion that there is a fairly massive black hole which is three times closer to the Earth than any other they’ve found.

This is only 1,600 light years from the planet, according to Telemundo. It was found through the movement of its companion star, which orbits around the newly found black hole, at the same distance that the Earth rotates on the Sun. Filed Under: Black hole close to Earth

How was it discovered?

Closest black hole to Earth discovered
PHOTO: Shutterstock

According to Telemundo, scientists discovered the black hole’s existence through the Gaia spacecraft of the European Space Agency, that is, the Harvard–Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

The most curious thing about this information is that scientists have not yet reached a conclusion about how this could have formed on the Milky Way. It has already been baptized as Gaia BH1, according to Telemundo. It is the closest black hole to the Earth so far. The associate director of the Center for High Angular Resolution Astronomy, Gail Schaefer reported: «This is a very exciting step forward to view the inner region of a distant galaxy in such fine detail,» reported Notimerica.

What was the atmosphere at the Climate Summit this year?

PHOTO: Shutterstock

After two weeks of haggling, delegates cheered the close of this year’s United Nations Climate Summit on Sunday. It created a fund to help poor countries hit by global warming-fueled catastrophes. There was little expectation of a breakthrough at the Sharm el Sheikh meeting, although recent flooding in Pakistan and Nigeria reinforced calls for urgent help.

The Associated Press reported that countries around the world are already seeing the effects of climate change, from more extreme weather to hotter summers and higher sea levels. The poorer countries that have contributed the least to the problem of greenhouse gas emissions are among the most affected. So when the idea of ​​a “loss and damage” fund first entered the agenda, it was greeted with enthusiasm.

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