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The singer ‘Nacho’ is called ridiculous after announcing the birth of his sixth daughter

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Nacho Mendoza's daughter, Woman, Child, MundoNow, News
Nacho Mendoza's sixth daughter (PHOTO: Mezcalent)
  • Nacho Mendoza’s daughter.
  • Announces birth of her baby.
  • Why do they call the singer ridiculous ?

‘Nacho’, from the artistic duo ‘Chyno y Nacho’ and his fiancee Melany Mille welcomed their second daughter, Melina, in the first days of this year in Maracay, Venezuela.

The couple shared the little girl’s arrival on social media, excitedly showing photos and videos of the special moment.

For ‘Nacho’, Melina represents her sixth parenthood, as she has four sons from her previous relationships.

And the couple’s first-born, three-year-old Mya Michelle, now takes on the role of big sister with the arrival of her new little sister.

Nacho Mendoza’s daughter

nacho, sons, tattoo, singer, mundonow
Nacho Mendoza is called ridiculous PHOTO: Mezcalent

The proud mother shared a photo in her stories with ‘Nacho’, expressing: «The best companion that God could have destined for my life.»

During the birth, ‘Nacho’ and everyone present wore t-shirts with the legend: «Welcome to the world Melina.»

On his social media, the «Báilame» singer shared an image of his pink outfit and, full of emotion for his daughter, wrote: «Today the flow is pink.»

The emotional uniform clothing highlighted the commitment and shared joy in welcoming the new member of the family.

It was a safe birth

chyno and nacho, singer, venezuela, mundonow, group,
Nacho Mendoza is called ridiculous PHOTO: Mezcalent

‘Nacho’ made a touching gesture by ensuring that Melany was surrounded by the love of her family.

In the first birth, the presenter faced loneliness with ‘Nacho’ because the first birth occurred in the middle of the pandemic.

On this occasion, the situation was noticeably different, since the model had the support of her mother and sister.

Through her stories, she shared a photo with both of them, hugging her on each side while she lay on a stretcher, ready to enter the operating room.

Tattoo is done

 Melany Mille, social networks, father, Instagram MundoNOW
Nacho Mendoza is called ridiculous PHOTO: Mezcalent

‘Nacho»s enthusiasm for the birth of his daughter Melina led him to immortalize the moment with a tattoo of the baby’s feet.

This gesture is added to other tattoos that the singer has on his body in honor of his five previous children.

In this way, Nacho always carries with him the love for his children, etched into his skin.

These tattoos are tangible manifestations of the special connection that Nacho has with each of his children, marking significant moments of his paternity.

They make fun of ‘Nacho’

Mya Michelle, childbirth, pandemic, parenthood, mundonow
Nacho Mendoza is called ridiculous PHOTO: Mezcalent

Some users of Social Media ended up complaining and making fun of the tattoo the singer got after the birth of his daughter.

He has more children and some told him that he should get «the same» tattoos for all of them.

«There he is missing about 8 pairs of feet more or less hahaha,» wrote an Instagram user in a video that was shared by El Gordo y la Flaca.

«Friend, stop your fallacy, you had more children before this one and you left your family behind, you are not a good father or a good husband,» they told him.

Call him ridiculous

artist, performer, pretty girl, song, rhythm
PHOTO: Mezcalent

«If you tattoo all your children’s feet, it will look like a beach in the middle of summer.» «You have to tattoo about 20 feet then,» they commented.

«This man is only having children,» they wrote in the comments of the video.

«How many children do you already have? Because you would have to have your body full of little feet,» they continued criticizing the tattoo he made for her daughter.

Although some tried to defend him: «If he wants to fill himself with his children, they will criticize him, that’s it.» SEE VIDEO OF THE NACHO TATTOO HERE.

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