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Chivas or Tigres? Mhoni Vidente predicts who will win the Liga MX final (VIDEO)

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Mhoni Vidente Liga MX
  • Mhoni Vidente surprises everyone with a prediction.
  • Chivas and Tigres are competing in the Liga MX Grand Final.
  • Who will be the Mexican soccer champion?

A few months ago the most popular and beloved psychic among Hispanics, Mhoni Vidente, predicted who would be the new Liga MX champion. Her tarot cards had revealed the name of the Mexican team that would raise the trophy in 2023.

The Mexican soccer finalists have been announced and many fans were surprised because these clubs were not the main favorites to reach the final.

Who will win the Liga MX final?

Who will win the Mexican soccer final?

The teams of Chivas de Guadalajara and Tigres de Nuevo Léon will meet this week to determine the new champion of the Clausura 2023 tournament. The Grand Final will take place Thursday in Monterrey and on Sunday at the Perla Tapatía.

Fans have begun to speculate about which team will win the championship next weekend in Guadalajara. Mhoni Vidente made her prediction

Mhoni Vidente predicts the Liga MX champion

Mhoni Vidente predicts the MX League champion

According to SDP Noticias, a few months ago, Mhoni shared a video of her usual appearance on a program on El Heraldo. It was there her tarot cards revealed whether the Chivas or Tigres will win the Grand Final of Mexican soccer.

She said the team from Guadalajara will take home the trophy on Sunday when they defeat the team from Nuevo Léon. «Chivas completely reinvents itself in matters of play, in matters of coaching, I think they listened and did a good cleaning,» she said a few months ago.

Just like what happened a few years ago?

Coincidence of what happened a few years ago?

The famous psychic stated in her clip that what occurred six years ago will repeat itself and the Chivas team will be crowned Mexican soccer champions. The same clubs competed in 2017.

On that occasion, the Guadalajara team led by Matías Almeyda took home the trophy. After that the second place medal stopped being awarded to the losing team because the Tigres players refused to attend the award ceremony.

Prediction fulfilled

prediction fulfilled

«And which teams are going to be lucky to completely take the Liga MX championship in the first half of this year 2023?» Mhoni said Chivas will be a winning team in this tournament.

Also, she said: «Another team that will also be leading in the tournaments will be the Tigres, who will be one of the stars in terms of winning almost all the games and it’s going to be fighting for the cup.»

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