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Melissa Towne is accused of stabbing and strangling her 5-year-old daughter

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  • Melissa Towne admitted to killing her daughter, police say.
  • The woman said her little girl was evil.
  • The child’s body was wrapped in plastic bags.

Melissa White Towne was arrested in Texas on charges of stabbing her five-year-old daughter to death. The Homicide Division of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) took Mrs. Towne, 37, to jail to face criminal proceedings.

Mrs. Melissa Ann White Towne, her full name, is accused of the charge of capital murder of a minor. According to Texas State Penal Code, capital murder is the only crime that carries the death penalty.

Melissa Towne is accused of stabbing her daughter to death

Melissa Towne is accused of stabbing her daughter to death
Melissa Towne faces a capital murder charge, accused of killing her five-year-old daughter. (PHOTO: Harris County Sheriff’s Office)

Judge DaSean Jones of the 180th Criminal District Court in Harris County, oversee the case against Melissa Towne. The judge set bail at $15 million. Bail has not been paid at this time and Towne remains in custody.

The documents of the case against Melissa Towne, consulted by MundoNow, describe the brutal crime that has shaken the community in Houston and throughout Texas. Before Towne slit her daughter’s throat, the girl reportedly said, «But I’ve been good!» according to court documents.

The little girl was wrapped in plastic bags

The girl was wrapped in plastic bags
PHOTO: Taken from Twitter

On Sunday, October 16, 2022, at 12:00 noon, Melissa Towne went to the emergency room at the HCA Hospital in Tomball, a city north of the Houston metropolitan area, and told hospital staff that her daughter needed help.

An alarmed nurse left the hospital and went to Melissa Towne’s gray Jeep Cherokee to see the girl. The little girl was wrapped in plastic bags and had a large gash across her neck. At that point, Towne said she had stabbed her daughter.

Doctors couldn’t save the little girl

The efforts of the doctors were useless to save the girl
PHOTO: Taken from Twitter

The nurse rushed the girl into the hospital hoping that the doctors could save her life. Meanwhile, hospital social workers called the police.

Unfortunately, the ER doctors were unable to save the little girl and she was pronounced dead from the stab wounds administered by her own mother. Doctors also discovered that the girl’s neck had been squeezed multiple times.

“She was an evil girl”

"I was a wicked girl"
PHOTO: Taken from Twitter

Detectives from the HCSO Homicide Division went to the hospital to interview Melissa Towne. She admitted to officers that she had stabbed her daughter because she was «an evil girl» with an uncontrollable temper, according to her testimony.

Melissa White Towne said she had killed her little girl at her home in the semi-rural, wooded neighborhood of Spring Creek Park in Tomball. Several detectives went to that scene to collect evidence of the crime. The identity of the girl’s father has not been released by authorities.

Melissa Towne carried the murder weapon with her

Melissa Towne carried the murder knife with her
PHOTO: Taken from Twitter

When female officers from the HCSO Homicide Division searched Melissa Towne, they found a knife hidden in her clothing. That object was kept as evidence in the girl’s brutal murder. The name of the little girl will not be revealed in this story out of respect for the rest of her family.

Melissa Towne told HCSO Homicide Division officers that she committed the crime because she «couldn’t deal with her anymore.» Detectives continue to investigate possible crime scenes and search for more suspected witnesses to the brutal murder.

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