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Mayeli Alonso can’t take it anymore and explodes online: ‘I don’t tolerate lies’

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Mayeli Alonso's controversial statements (Photos: Mezcalent/Getty Images)
  • Mayeli Alonso: controversial media icon
  • Fashion and beauty entrepreneur
  • Messages of empowerment and controversy

Mayeli Alonso, a well-known Mexican media personality, is no stranger to the spotlight and controversy.

Her significant presence on television and social media has solidified her status as a media icon.

Venturing into the fashion and beauty industry, Alonso has successfully established her own makeup and skincare brand, which has gained notable success in the market.

As the ex-wife of Lupillo Rivera, a prominent singer in Mexican regional music, she has leveraged her digital platforms to share aspects of her personal life, where she has recently made headlines.

A Media Icon

Mayeli Alonso explodes in networks, Mayeli Alonso, businesswoman, ex of Lupillo Rivera, Mexico, United States
Mayeli Alonso explodes on networks PHOTO Getty Images – MundoNOW Archive

From her experiences as a mother to her journey of personal growth, Mayeli Alonso maintains an active and influential presence on social media.

Through her posts, she advocates for female empowerment, self-acceptance, and self-improvement.

Resonating with a large number of followers who appreciate her positivity and determination.

However, recently, the Mexican media personality sparked a flurry of reactions by assertively expressing on her social networks the behaviors and attitudes she does not tolerate in people.»

Mayeli Alonso controversial statements on social media

Mayeli Alonso, businesswoman, ex of Lupillo Rivera, Mexico, United States, social networks
PHOTO Getty Images – MundoNOW Archive

In her emphatic message, Alonso stated, ‘I don’t tolerate my friends yelling at me, I don’t tolerate them not respecting me, I don’t tolerate lies.’

She added, ‘I don’t tolerate people who I don’t like trying to involve me,’ in the message she shared with her followers on social media.

‘And I especially don’t like it when people, just like this,’ she said, snapping her fingers, ‘turn around and mess with my things,’ Alonso expressed.

Although Alonso’s post was driven by her personal convictions, it sparked controversy, eliciting a range of comments and varied reactions from users across the social media.

Conflicts on social media

Famous, businesswoman, ex of Lupillo Rivera, Social networks, Mexico
PHOTO Getty Images – – MundoNOW Archive

The online community actively voiced its opinions, igniting a heated debate over the appropriateness and impact of making such statements in a public space like social media.

Mayeli Alonso’s candor in setting her boundaries and expectations towards others has polarized her followers.

Some applauding her honesty while others question the appropriateness of her remarks.

This incident has once again thrust her into the media spotlight, adding another chapter to her history marked by popularity and controversy.»

Reactions and divided opinions

Woman, Mexico, Famous, businesswoman, ex of Lupillo Rivera
PHOTO Mezcalent

Users actively responded through comments on Mayeli Alonso’s social media post, predominantly choosing to criticize her stance.

Some comments included, ‘She doesn’t tolerate what she herself does, she’s just projecting,’ ‘I can’t stand her,’ ‘She’s always upset with everyone.’

Others added, ‘Who is she fighting with now?’ ‘She can’t tolerate others being like her,’ ‘What is she even talking about now?’

Further, some users referenced her past relationships, stating, ‘It’s evident that those who claimed to be friends always behaved poorly,’ and ‘Those friends turned their backs on her,’ referring to her history with ex-husband Lupillo Rivera.

Clear messages and controversy

Message, Woman, Famous, Celebrity, MundoNOW
PHOTO Getty Images – MundoNOW Archive

The ability of Mayeli Alonso to generate interest and debate among her followers and detractors has been a consistent feature of her media presence.

This underscores her impact on audiences and her skill in keeping public attention focused on her.

In conclusion, Alonso’s forthright and direct stance on social media has once again elicited mixed reactions.

Her determination to express her convictions, even at the risk of sparking debates and controversies in the digital realm, continues to ensure her prominence in the media spotlight. To see the video click HERE.

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