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Marco Antonio Regil reveals why he left his ex and has not married

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  • The Mexican presenter revealed why he left his ex.
  • He claims it was for financial reasons.
  • Marco Antonio has been close to getting married before.

Marco Antonio Regil is one of the most famous Mexican presenters. People say that he’s very charismatic, however, that doesn’t seem to be the case in love. Now he’s revealed why he and his ex broke up.

The Mexican presenter went from being on television to having his own podcast on YouTube where he shares videos related to love, the economy and mental health. Marco Antonio is 200,000 subscribers away from reaching one million.

Marco Antonio Regil revealed why he and his ex broke up

Marco Antonio Regil revealed why he left his ex-partner through a podcast
PHOTO: YouTube

Marco Antonio Regil invited personal finance adviser, Moris Dieck onto his podcast for the episode entitled, If your partner doesn’t talk about money with you, be careful! They talked about relationships and money.

They came to the conclusion that if your partner does not have future projects or doesn’t talk about your finances, there may be problems. This happened to the Mexican presenter, who would later reveal the reason why he left his ex.

Marco Antonio Regil spoke about his ex

Marco Antonio Regil said something unthinkable about his partner
PHOTO: YouTube

While the two continued to chat, there came a point where Marco Antonio began to talk about his ex. The presenter stated that he never married her due to «financial issues» and poor communication.

Marco Antonio did not hold back and said that the reason he did not reach the altar on one occasion was because she wanted Marco to be in charge of all the finances, which the presenter did not agree with.

He didn’t identify his ex

He did not say the name of the ex-partner
PHOTO: YouTube

The former host of 100 Mexicanos Dijeron did not reveal the name of the ex who he broke up with. However, fans did not take long to try to figure out which of Marco’s exes he was referring to. He has dated Adamari López, Laura Elizondo and Silvia Salgado.

Marco Antonio said: «I clearly remember her saying, ‘Well, my dad works and gives my mom the money, and my mom manages everything,’ and I said, ‘No, wait for me, I’m not a little boy! I, no … no!’ and that bothered her a lot. ‘No, wait for me, it’s going to be like that,’ she said. ‘No, it’s not going to be like that, what do you think?’”

Marco Antonio Regil’s dating history

The love history that Marco Antonio Regil has had
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Marco Antonio Regil is 53 years old, he has been single for 14 years and the question remains when he will «settle down» and get married. He has dated television presenter, Adamari López, the former Nuestra Belleza México from 1998, Silvia Salgado and the Mexican representative from Miss Universe 2005, Laura Elizondo.

His relationship with Adamari was going very well, however, Marco got too jealous when she kissed someone else so he ended it. He nearly married Silvia Salgado but they canceled the wedding months before it happened. The presenter assured that the it ended due to their different lifestyles and because they were both jealous. He broke up with Laura Elizondo because he wasn’t ready for a commitment, according to El Universal.

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