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How embarrassing! People say Marc Anthony should date his girlfriend’s mother (PHOTOS)

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Marc Anthony y Nadia Ferreira
  • Nadia Ferreira continues to be criticized for her relationship.
  • Marc Anthony’s girlfriend gets comments because of her mother?
  • The beauty queen posted a photo of her mother and her boyfriend and social media exploded.

Nadia Ferreira’s relationship with Marc Anthony has been controversial from the start, since she’s 23 years old while the singer is 53. People often point out that she could be his daughter and now things have taken a turn for the worse since the former beauty queen posed in a photo with her mother and boyfriend.

Nadia Ferreira was a fan of JLo’s ex when she was a teen and on one occasion she even went to a Marc Anthony concert to meet him, never imagining that years later they would meet again and he would go crazy for her — so much so that he would wind up being her boyfriend, a romance that is still going strong.

Nadia Ferreira is very much in love with Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony with his girlfriend

Miss Paraguay has been criticized for everything since she and Marc Anthony began dating. It’s been said that she’s interested in his money and in the luxuries and the connections that the father of JLo’s children can give her until she leaves him to be with a younger man.

On this occasion, people messed with the most sacred thing: her mother. It turns out that Nadia Ferreira appeared in a series of images on La Mesa Caliente’s Instagram with her boyfriend Marc Anthony and her mother at an elegant dinner.

Marc Anthony’s girlfriend shows off her mom

Nadia Ferreira's mother

In the images, Nadia Ferreira wears a black dress embellished with feathers, with an ombre skirt which highlighted her ethereal beauty. She is embraced by her partner Marc Anthony who wears a suit and black tie, white shirt and sunglasses.

But it was the former beauty queen’s mother who stole the show because she looks quite young. She appeared in a black and white sequined dress, with perfectly coifed hair.

Nadia Ferreira had to endure people’s comments about her mother

Nadia Ferreira's mother

On La Mesa Caliente’s Instagram account you can see how people dared to comment that Nadia Ferreira’s mother would be more appropriate for Marc Anthony: «He makes a better couple with her mother.» «The mother is the one who fits him.» «They look like the girl’s parents.» «He looks better with his mother-in-law, they make a better couple.» «Father, mother and daughter.»

More jokes followed the former beauty queen’s post: «What money does, it’s not free to walk with him.» «He likes young women.» «The power of money.» «Marc’s ‘daughter’ is so cute.» «He looks better with the mother.» «And another wedding is going on again.» «Doesn’t Nadia know that Marc’s marriages don’t last? Why doesn’t she enjoy his company and his goods?”

They’re getting married and there is nothing stopping them

Mom of girlfriend Marc Anthony

In May, after only a few months dating and in the face of public criticism, Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira announced their engagement and now, according to media as Univision, Unicable and Hola, no one can stop them from getting married.

In addition, Nadia Ferreira is already working on her wedding dress as she walks around showing off the half a million dollar, 10-carat engagement ring Marc Anthony gave her. They plan to marry in 2023. Some images in this note come from this video and this video.

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