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Marc Anthony and Maluma share an ‘intimate’ moment on stage (VIDEO)

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  • Maluma does something unexpected on stage with Marc Anthony.
  • Did he confess his love? Maluma causes controversy.
  • Marc Anthony kneels before Maluma and they’re both harshly criticized!

Marc Anthony is one of the best-known and most important exponents of salsa and Latin rhythms around the world, however, Maluma, with little more than 10 years in the music industry, has already gained enormous recognition.

It turns out that Jennifer Lopez’s ex and Maluma are close friends and often support each other in various musical projects. Yesterday, both appeared in Ecuador, where they shared an emotional and intimate moment in front of thousands of fans.

Maluma says that Marc is his great inspiration

Marc Anthony Maluma stage
PHOTO: Getty Images

The great friendship that both artists share was quite evident yesterday at the concert they held in Ecuador, where both showed love and respect for each other. However, Maluma took it to another level, since he decided to do something shocking on stage.

Colombian singer Maluma made it clear that salsero Marc Anthony is a huge inspiration as he dedicated these emotional words to him: “Thank you for teaching me the path of life and not that of music. The one about music is written, what you have taught me comes from the heart.”Filed Under: Marc Anthony Maluma stage

Did he confess his love?

Marc Anthony Maluma stage
PHOTO: Instagram

Later, in the videos shared on social media, we can see how Maluma confesses his love. «I love you with all my soul. Thank you very much for being part of my life and for teaching me so many things,” said Maluma before adding “I want to give you a hug.”

Immediately, the 4 Babys singer and Puerto Rican Marc Anthony hugged each other and said a few private words to each other. It was an emotional moment that was lauded by all the people who were enjoying the performance. Filed Under: Marc Anthony Maluma stage

Marc Anthony and Maluma were criticized

PHOTO: Instagram

It was quite evident that people were going to react in different ways to the situation, as many said that the Colombian singer, who has also collaborated with several international artists, went overboard with his ‘idolatry’ of Marc Anthony. There were even those who said that they almost kissed…

«It’s ridiculous, he didn’t have to do that.» «How ridiculous, he’s not a God.» «On his knees? Only before God.” “Hahaha, what is it then? They were kissing right now.” “For a moment I thought they were going to kiss,” people commented on the video shared by La Mesa Caliente on Instagram. Filed Under: Marc Anthony Maluma stage


PHOTO: Getty Images

Despite the fact that there were many people who expressed their dissatisfaction with the situation, fans of Marc Anthony and Maluma did not miss the opportunity to send positive messages in the face of this emotional situation. “Two great artists showing humility and brotherhood. How nice to see that on stage,” said a user. «How nice to see two great artists like this.»

The 28-year-old Colombian singer Maluma has gained enormous worldwide popularity, winning a long list of awards. On this occasion he made it clear that his great inspiration is 58-year-old Marc Anthony, who had relationships with JLo, Dayanara Torres, and currently with supermodel Nadia Ferreira. (HERE THE VIDEO OF THE PRESENTATION). Filed Under: Marc Anthony Maluma stage

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